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a near miss
a near thing
a new broom sweeps clean
a new leaf was turned over
a new lease of life
a new york based company
a new york-based company
a nice shade of meaning
a nice state of affairs
a nice state of affairs!
a nigger in the woodpile
a number of
a one
a one way ticket, please
A P Giannini
a pack of filtered cigarettes
a pack of nonsense
a pair of
a pair of braces
a pair of compasses
a pair of drawers
a pair of eyeglasses
a pair of pincers
a pair of scales
a pair of scissors
a pair of spectacles
a pair of steps
a pair of tongs
a pair of trousers
a pair of tweezers
a parcel of scamps
a passing reference
a peach of a girl
a peacock in his pride
a peck of
a peck of troubles
a peg to hang a thing on
a penny for your thoughts
a penny for your thoughts!
a penny saved is a penny gained
a penny soul never came to twopence
a perfect dream
a person shadowing smth.
a person who goes to bed late
a person who upholds justice
a phrase or two
a piece of
a piece of advice
a piece of cake
a piece of land
a piece of music
a piece of news
a piece of writing
a pig in a poke
a pill to cure an earthquake
a pinch of
a plague on him
a plague on him!
a poet of the highest rank
a point of departure
a poky hole of a place
a policy of appeasement
a policy of grab
a poor knife and fork
a poor trencherman
a posteriori
a pot of money
a pound of assorted sweets
a power of good
a power of money
a practical joke
a pretty business
a pretty business!
a pretty decent house
a pretty kettle of fish
a pretty kettle of fish!
a pretty penny
a pretty sum
a prior claim
a priori
a priori and a posteriori
A Programming Language
a property man
a purple patch
a put up affair
a put up job
a put-up affair
a put-up job
a quantity of
a quarrel of long standing