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a quarter of
a quarter of a century
a quasi independent position
a quasi-independent position
a quenchless flame
a question from the floor
a question of great import
a question of vital importance
a quick eye
a quick quid
a rare fine view
a rash broke out on his body
a rasher of bacon
a real go getter
a real go-getter
a reliable source
a riot of color
a ripping good story
a rivederci
a Roland for an Oliver
a rolling stone gathers no moss
a rough customer
a round oath
a round peg in a square hole
a round trip ticket, please
a round up of old friends
a round-up of old friends
a rousing welcome
a routine meeting of a squad
a rude awakening
a rueful countenance
a run up to town
a running sore
a run-up to town
a rush of customers
a s a p
a safe card
a score or two of instances
a scrap of
a sea of faces
a series of misfortunes
a service area
a set of
a set of castors
a set of sterling
a set phrase
a shade better
a short time ago
a short time later
a short time since
a short way off
a short while
a shot in the blue
a sight for sore eyes
a singing in the ears
a single word
a six footer
a slaughtered animal
a slice of
a slip of a boy
a slip of a room
a slipped disc
a sly dog
a smacking kiss
a small fortune
a small number of
a smart few
a smash song
a smasher of a girl
a smell of burning
a smoke
a smooth tongue
a soft answer turneth away wrath
a soft answer turns away wrath
a soft perm, please
a solid blow
a solid vote
a sound mind in a healthy body
a split second
a sporting chance
a square meal
a square peg in a round hole
a standing dish
a star is born
a start in life
a state of emergency was proclaimed
a stitch in time saves nine
a stone's throw
a straw in the wind
A Streetcar Named Desire