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a stroke of genius
a strong resemblance
a stunning blow
a subject for pity
a substantive motion
a sufficiency of money
a sulky set of china
a sum of money
a surfeit of advice
a surreptitious glance
a suspicion of a smile
a suspicion of wine
a table two feet square
a tad
a tail to lions
a tame spaniel
a taste of garlic
a teaching load of twelve hours a week
a team of
a telltale tear
a tenacious memory
a thin piece
a thon
a thorn in one's flesh
a thorn in one's side
a thorn in the flesh
a thorn in the side
a thought
a thought more polite
a thousand times
a thousandfold
a threadbare joke
a three-legged race
a thumping majority
a ticket to ..., please
a tidy penny
a tidy sum
a tight rein
a time to weep and a time to laugh
a tiny fly
a tiny gnat
a too tad salty
a tooth for a tooth
a touch of salt
a tower of strength
a town with a past
a toy of a church
a train of misfortunes
a travesty of justice
a tried friend
a trifle
a trivial loss
a truce to talking
a true believer
A Twit to Lunch
a vast sea of fog
a veneer of culture
a venial error
a very fiend
a very little more
a very small amount
a very superior man
a warm corner
a warm reception
a watched pot never boils
a watery grave
a wee bit
a week about
a week ago today
a week at longest
a week from now
a week of sundays
a week yesterday
a well matched couple
a well-matched couple
a westward advance
a whale at
a whale for
a whale of
a whale of a fellow
a whale of a lot
a whale of a story
a whale on
a while
a while ago
a whole day
a whole lot
a whole lot of
a whole stack of work
a whole tone