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be a cinch
be a close call
be a commercial traveler
be a comprehensive expression of
be a coward
be a credit to
be a cuckold
be a cup too low
be a cut above
be a dead duck
be a detriment to
be a detriment to health
be a dime a dozen
be a disincentive to
be a distinction
be a double dealer
be a double-dealer
be a drag on a person
be a fanatic
be a fancier of
be a fast liver
be a father to
be a firm believer in
be a fly on the wall
be a fool for one's pains
be a friend indeed
be a good calculator
be a good fit
be a good goer
be a good hand at smth.
be a good hand at something
be a good hand in smth.
be a good hand in something
be a good liver
be a good looker
be a good loser
be a good omen
be a good place to leave off
be a good sailor
be a good screw
be a good seat on a horse
be a good talker
be a good walker
be a good whip
be a great contrast to
be a guest
be a hairsbreadth from
be a harbinger of dawn
be a hermit
be a hindrance
be a hit
be a howler
be a hypocrite
be a ill omen
be a joiner
be a kind of
be a law unto oneself
be a live in employee
be a loser by smth.
be a loser by something
be a loss for words
be a man
be a man!
be a mass of bruises
be a match for
be a matchmaker
be a mere vegetable
be a money grubber
be a money-grubber
be a natural for
be a natural person
be a nullity
be a party to
be a party to a scheme
be a pawn in the game
be a perfect scream
be a petty official
be a pleasure to the eye
be a poor eater
be a poor hand at smth.
be a poor hand at something
be a poor whip
be a prey to smth.
be a prey to something
be a price leader
be a problem
be a quarrelsome drinker
be a record of
be a refugee
be a regular customer of