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be constant
be constrained
be constricted
be consumed
be consumed away
be consumed with
be consumed with boredom
be contagious
be contaminated by
be content
be content with
be content with superficial underst
be content with superficial understanding
be contented
be contented with
be contingent on
be contingent upon
be continued
be contracted
be contradictory
be contrary
be contrary to
be converted
be convinced
be convinced that
be convincing
be convulsed
be convulsed with pain
be cooked
be cooking
be cornered
be correct
be corrupt
be corrupted
be couched
be counted
be covered
be covered all over with cuts and bruises
be covered with dust
be covered with ice
be covered with mud
be covered with sweat
be crafty
be cramped for space
be crazy about
be crazy for
be created
be creditable to smb
be creditable to smb.
be credulous
be cremated
be crimsoned
be critically ill
be crooked
be cross
be cross eyed
be crossed
be cross-eyed
be crowded
be crowded for time
be crowded out
be crowded with people
be crowned
be crowned with
be crowned with success
be crumpled
be crushed
be cunning
be cured
be curious
be curled
be current
be cursed with smth
be cursed with smth.
be curtains for smb
be curtains for smb.
be curved
be custodian of
be cut
be cut off from
be cut out for
be cut out for smth.
be cut out for something
be cut up
be damaged
be damp
be dampened
be daunted
be dazed
be dazzled