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be enveloped
be envious
be equal
be equal in output
be equal to
be equal with
be equally famous
be equivalent to
be erected
be eroded
be essential
be established
be esteemed
be euchred
be evacuated
be evasive
be even
be even with
be everywhere in evidence
be evident
be evidential of
be evidentiary of
be evocative of
be examined
be excellent
be exceptional
be excessive
be exchanged
be excited
be excited about
be excited about the news
be excited at the news
be excited by the news
be exciting
be exclusively absorbed
be executed
be exempt
be exempted
be exhausted
be exhausted from fucking
be exhilarated
be exiled
be exorbitant
be expecting
be expecting a child
be expensive
be experienced in
be expert in
be explained
be exported
be exposed
be exposed to fire
be exposed to smth.
be exposed to the rain
be exposed to the sun
be exquisite
be extant
be extended
be extensively spread
be exterminated
be extinguished
be extravagant
be extreme
be extremely embarrassed
be extremely fond of
be extremely nauseating
be faced smth.
be faced with
be faced with problems
be faint hearted
be fair game
be fair to
be faithful
be familiar
be familiar with
be famishing
be famous
be famous for smth.
be famous for something
be fanatical
be far
be far apart
be far ben with smb.
be far ben with someone
be far from good
be far out
be fascinated
be fascinated by
be fashionable
be fast