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back of a chair
back of a ship
back of a sword
back of an object
back of beyond
back of head
back of house
back of smb.'s head
back of the body
back of the hand
back of the head
back of the mouth
back of the neck
back of tongue
back off
back off!
back office
back on the street
back on to
back order
back out
back out of
back pack
back pack it
back page
back pain
back pains
back part
back part of
back pay
back payment
back pedal
back pedal brake
back piece
back piece of an upper garment
back plane
back player
back porch
back pressure
back pressure turbine
back pressure valve
back projection
back projection screen
back projector
back reaction
back rent
back resistance
back rest
back road
back room
back room boy
back room boys
back row
back salary
back scratcher
back scratching
back screen
back seat
back seat driver
back setter
back settlement
back shaft
back shift
back shop
back side
back side of monuments
back sight
back slang
back slapping
back slash
back smb.
back space
back space character
back sprain
back spring
back stairs
back story
back street
back stroke
back sweep
back talk
back taxes
back teeth
back the oars
back the sails
back the wrong horse
back then
back there
back titration
back to