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cause a fire through carelessness
cause a flutter
cause a headache
cause a problem
cause a scandal
cause a stir
cause a thing to be done
cause alarm
cause an uproar
cause and effect
cause and effect relation
cause anxiety
cause bad blood
cause celebre
cause damage
cause death by negligence
cause delay in work
cause disgust
cause effect relationship
cause flatulence
cause for celebration
cause for complaint
cause harm to
cause havoc
cause inadvertently
cause irreparable damage
cause list
cause loss of face
cause of a quarrel
cause of action
Cause of Causes
cause of death
cause of defeat
cause of disease
cause of evil
cause of illness
cause of offense
cause of peace
cause of the disease
cause of the victory
cause of trouble
cause of war
cause offense
cause pain
cause physical or mental suffering
cause sclerosis
cause side effects
cause smb. a trouble
cause smb. to be informed
cause someone to be informed
cause sorrow
cause surfeit
cause the death
cause to
cause to be bitter
cause to be joined
cause to be late
cause to be lost
cause to be seen
cause to be senseless
cause to be silent
cause to be thankful
cause to break
cause to bring
cause to burn
cause to change color
cause to change shape
cause to collapse
cause to continue
cause to crystallize
cause to cut
cause to decay
cause to decide
cause to draw
cause to end
cause to fall
cause to feel better
cause to ferment
cause to forget
cause to grow
cause to gush out
cause to happen
cause to leave
cause to lose control
cause to mate
cause to miscarry
cause to occur
cause to open
cause to panic
cause to quarrel