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did anyone call me
did as he liked
did as he said he would
did business
did crosswords
did everything he could
did gymnastics
did him a favor
did him an injustice
did his best
did his bit
did his duty
did his fingernails
did his homework
did his toenails
did his utmost
did it
did justice
did not approve of
did not ask permission
did not attach any importance
did not bat an eyelid
did not believe it
did not buy it
did not change
did not come
did not expect
did not feel well
did not get far
did not give up
did not have a hand in
did not have the heart
did not hide anything from
did not know what to do with himself
did not know what to expect
did not let his feelings show
did not lift a finger
did not like
did not make a big deal out of
did not make any impression
did not mention
did not move
did not open his mouth
did not pay attention
did not protest
did not question
did not say a word
did not set foot
did not sleep a wink
did not stand aside
did not succeed
did not take his word for it
did not think twice
did not utter a word
did not work out
did nothing
did something
did something for him
did the dishes
did the right thing
did the shopping
did time
did well
did what he had to do
did whatever he could
did whatever he wanted
did wrong
did yoga
did you call the police
did you choose anything
did you decide
did you enjoy your stay
did you ever hear the like
did you ever hear the like?
did you find something you like
did you have an accident
Did you have an accident?
didactic tone
diddle smb. out of his money
diddle someone out of his money