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first quarterly
first rain
first rain of the season
first rainfall
first range of mountains
first rank
first ranking man
first rate
first rate performance
first rate: do first rate
first reading
first reading {of a bill}
first refusal
First Reich
first result
first round
first run
first runner up
first runner-up
first runs scored
first sale of the day
first scholar of the day
First Sea Lord
first secretary
First Seminole War
first sergeant
first set of teeth
first sexual experience
first showing
first sign
first size
first sleep
first slice
first snow
first son
first stage
first step
first storm of spring
first strike
first string
first string players
first sunrise
first target
first tea ceremony of new year
first team
First Temple
first temple visit of new year
first ten days of month
first term
first thing
first thing in the morning
first thing one says after opening the mouth
first things first
first three days of a new year
first time
first time offender
first title
first to arrive
first to charge
first touch
first train
first trial
first turn
first verse
first violin
first volume
first watch
first watch of the night
first water
first wedding anniversary
first wife
First World
First World War
first written contribution
first year
first year of mourn
first year student
first years of marriage
first young
first, last and all the time
first-aid attendant
first-aid box
first-aid kit
first-aid man
first-aid outfit
first-aid post
first-aid station
first-aid volunteer