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give a toast
give a toast to smb.
give a toast to someone
give a treat
give a trial
give a try
give a tug at smth.
give a tug at something
give a two man comic show
give a two-man comic show
give a voice to
give a warm
give a warm welcome
give a warning
give a wash
give a whistle
give a wide berth
give a wide berth to
give a wink
give a wipe
give a wrench to
give a written statement
give a year or so either way
give absolution
give added significance to
give advice
give advice to
give advise
give affront to
give again
give air to smth.
give air to something
give all the particulars
give alms
give an account
give an account of
give an account of oneself
give an acupuncture treatment
give an assurance
give an audience
give an ear
give an edge to one's appetite
give an electric shock
give an example
give an excuse
give an expression
give an eye to
give an idea
give an idea of smth.
give an idea of something
give an imitation of
give an impetus to
give an impulse to trade
give an injection
give an inkling
give an irrelevant answer
give an opportunity
give an order
give an undertaking
give and accept
give and receive
give and take
give another turn to the screw
give applause
give approval to
give as a gift
give as good as one gets
give as security
give assistance
give audience to smb
give audience to smb.
give away
give away price
give away show
give away the bride
give away the show
give away: play at give away
give back
give backing to
give bail
give battle
give best
give birth
give birth to
give birth to a child
give birth to a litter
give birth to an illegitimate child
give body for medical research
give but not to break
give carte blanche