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give up
give up a claim
give up a plan
give up all hope
give up doing
give up halfway
give up hope
give up hope of
give up ill gotten gains
give up ill-gotten gains
give up in despair
give up land
give up league membership
give up on
give up one's brief
give up one's seat
give up smoking
give up the bottle
give up the ghost
give up the ship
give up to the police
give us a smile
give utterance to feelings
give value
give vent to
give vent to frustration
give vent to his emotions
give vent to one's feelings
give verbal directions
give voice to
give voice to smth.
give vote
give warning
give way
give way sign
give way to
give weight to
give wings to
give with a free hand
give with respect
give word
give work
give your nose a good blow
give your nose a good blow!
give zest to
give zest to smth.
give zest to something
giveaway price
give-away price
giveaway show
give-away show
given a bias to
given a body to
given a boost
given a demonstration
given a post
given an inch, want a mile
given applause
given birth to
given birth to a litter
given conditions
given in
given in charge
given name
given off
given period of time
given rise to
given suck
given thanks to
given that
given to
given to extravagant gestures
given under oath
given up
given up hope
given vent to
given voice to
given way
giver of light