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Have an easy fast
have an easy time
have an edge
have an edge on
have an effect
have an end in view
have an eye for
have an eye for smth.
have an eye for something
have an eye on
have an eye to the main chance
have an informal discussion
have an instant effect
have an interest
have an interview
have an interview with
have an investment
have an itch to
have an itching palm
have an oar in every man's boat
have an objection to
have an open mind
have an operation
have an original style
have an overcoat on
have another photograph taken
have another vision
have ants in the pants
have appeal
have around
have art and part in
have as a guest
have as a meaning
have as a purpose
have as the boundary
have at
have at heart
have at one's fingertips
have away
have away with
have back
have bad luck
have bats in one's belfry
have bats in the belfry
have become a hopeless liar
have been
have been in the wars
have been put up
have been settled
have been through
have belief in
have benefit from
have blind faith in
have both
have both ... and
have both feet on the ground
have breakfast
have brewed
have buried one's relatives
have by the leg
have called
have cognizance of
have cognizance of smth.
have cognizance of something
have cold feet
have colored
have come a full circle
have come at the right time
have common in
have company
have compassion
have compassion on
have compassion on smb.
have compassion on someone
have compassion upon smb.
have compassion upon someone
have completed
have confidence in
have connection with
have consideration for
have control of
have control over
have covered
have curled
have dealings
have dealings with
have dealings with smb.
have dealings with someone
have deep affection for
have deep love for