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have heating on
have high hopes
have high jinks
have his heart in his mouth
have his heart in the right place
have husky cough
have in
have in common
have in constant wear
have in contempt
have in derision
have in mind
have in one's disposition
have in one's hand
have in one's keeping
have in one's sights
have in stock
have in the wind
have in tow
have in view
have influence
have influence upon
have influence with
have influenza
have intercourse
have intercourse with
have it in for
have it in for smb.
have it in for someone
have it made
have it neutered
have it off
have it on smb.
have it out
have it out with
have it out with smb
have it out with smb.
have it over smb
have it over smb.
have it spayed
have it that
have it your way
have it your way!
have itching ears
have it's source in
have jurisdiction over smth.
have keen senses
have kitten
have kittens
have knowledge
have knowledge of
have latitude
have leeway
have left
have left over
have leisure
have little patience
have little talent and less learning
have long ears
have long in use
have looked enough
have loose bowels
have losses
have lost one's wind
have luck
have lunch
have manners
have many expenses to meet
have many mouths to feed
have mercy
have mercy on
have misgivings
have money in the funds
have money to spare or lend
have more hair than wit
have more than one string to one's bow
have much experience of life
have much trouble
have my head screwed on
have need of
have neither learning nor skill
have neither part nor lot in
have neither part nor lot in smth.
have neither part nor lot in something
have never more than a fingerhold
have news from
have no alternative
have no alternative but
have no appetite
have no appetite for food and drinks