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have no application
have no ballast
have no bearing on
have no bottom
have no bowels
have no business
have no choice but
have no clue
have no concern with
have no doubt
have no doubt that
have no edge
have no equal
have no experience
have no foundation
have no hard feelings
have no heart
have no illusions about
have no information
have no kick left
have no knowledge
have no manner of right
have no manners
have no more than a fingerhold
have no notion of
have no opinion of
have no palate for
have no qualms about doing smth
have no qualms about doing smth.
have no regret
have no resentment against smb.
have no resentment against someone
have no say in the matter
have no scruple to do smth.
have no scruple to do something
have no sense of shame
have no settled opinions
have no standing
have no time
have no time for smth.
have no truck with
have no use for
have no voice in
have no way out
have no words for
have none of
have not
have not a leg to stand on
have not a shirt to one's back
have not got the trick of it
have not learned to
have not the slightest idea
have nothing in common
have nothing on
have nothing on smb.
have nothing on someone
have nothing to do
have nothing to do with
have nothing to hide
have nothing to say for oneself
have nothing to show for it
have notice of
have nots
have obstacles
have occasion
have on
have on smb.'s shoulder
have one over the eight
have one's boots nailed
have one's brains on ice
have one's bread buttered for life
have one's eye glued on
have one's eye glued to
have one's face lifted
have one's feet under smb.'s mahogany
have one's fill of
have one's fling
have one's foot on the neck of smb.
have one's gruel
have one's hackles up
have one's hair cut
have one's hair done
have one's hand in
have one's head in the clouds
have one's head screwed on the right way
have one's heart in one's boots
have one's heart in one's mouth
have one's heart in one's throat
have one's heart in the right place
have one's inning