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have time for a person
have time on one's hands
have to
have to be
have to do
have to do with
have to go
have to go through
have to wife
have too many irons in the fire
have trade relations
have tried and failed
have trust in
have two left feet
have two of smth
have two strings to one's bow
have up
have views on smth.
have views on something
have washed
have way on
have weight with
have what it takes
have whiskers
have wide learning and a retentive memory
have word
have words
have words with smb
have words with smb.
have words with someone
have worked enough
have worked long enough
have yet to do
have you any money
have you any money?
have you anything to declare?
have you checked the lost and found
have you ever been to the usa
have you got a local wine
have you got an original cognac
have you got any flashlight batteries
have you got any gold coins
have you got any gold cufflinks
have you got any gold earrings
have you got any hearing aid batteries
Have you got any hearing aid batteries?
have you got silverware in that pattern
have you previously been treated for it
have: haves and the have nots
haven of rest
haven't done smth. for a long time
haven't seen you for ages
haven't seen you for ages!
Haversian canal
haves and the have nots
haves and the have-nots
having a bad memory
having a large kernel
having a long body
having a loose tongue
having a right
having a sharp tongue
having a special purpose
having a thorough knowledge
having a unique style
having a windfall
having an accident
having clout
having curly hair
having difficulty with
having experienced the hardship of lif
having experienced the hardship of life
having fever
having good memory
having hard time
having holes
having little experience