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he all but died of his wound
he alone can do it
he attached himself to the new arrivals
he brims over with health
he can
he can do it alone
he can never resist making a joke
he cannot
he cannot stand it any longer
he can't admire this enough
he can't take a joke
he cat
he dared her to do it
he did away with himself
he did not deign an answer
he did not deign to speak
he did not take the trouble to come
he didn't half swear
he died many years since
he dined me handsomely
he does not care
he does not care a straw
he doesn't know a fucking thing
he dog
he feels bad
he feels rum
he felt he did not belong
he fetches up
he goat
he goes hot and cold
he got it hot for that
he had a close shave of it
he had a nasty drop
he had a tickle in the throat
he had more guts than brains
he had the cheek to say
he had the guts to do it
he had to say
he has
he has a finger in the pie
he has a screw loose
he has a temperature
he has come to the fore recently
he has had it
he has ill luck
he has it in him
he has just come
he has learnt his lesson
he has me there
he has name for honesty
he has no match
he has not a dry stitch on
he has not a rag to his back
he has not a stitch to his back
he has nothing in common with
he has seen better days
he has shot his last bolt
he himself
he hit the headlines
he is
he is a bit long in the tooth
he is a demon for work
he is a depository of learning
he is a doer
he is a doer, not a talker
he is a good match
he is a law unto himself
he is a mass of bruises
he is a regular man
he is a ringer for his father
he is a sport
he is a tv addict
he is able
he is about to go
he is adamant
he is against
he is all thumbs
he is always right
He is an ace
he is an open book
he is apt to succeed
he is beyond praying
he is bound to
he is bound to succeed
he is but a
he is capable of
he is deeply in debt
he is determined to