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i admit
i agree
i agree with you
i am
i am 7 months pregnant
i am a banker
i am a businessman
i am a businesswoman
i am a housewife
i am a lesbian
i am a manager
i am a programmer
i am a student
i am a teacher
i am a transit passenger to new york
i am a worker
i am afraid
i am afraid that
i am all attention
i am all ears
i am alone
i am alone.
i am american
i am an engineer
i am ashamed of myself
i am better
i am black but comely
i am bored
i am bored!
i am car sick
i am carsick
i am completely
i am constipated
i am delighted to meet you
i am diabetic
i am disposed to think that
i am divorced
i am dizzy
i am done
i am doubtful what i ought to do
i am dying for a glass of water
i am dying to see him
i am entirely
i am famished
i am fed
i am fine
i am from
i am from italy
i am from poland
i am from portugal
i am from russia
i am from spain
i am from the uk
i am from the usa
i am gay
i am glad to meet you
i am glad to meet you!
i am gratified to hear
i am hanged if i know
i am heaps better
i am in a hurry
i am in difficulties for money
i am in luck
i am interested in fishing
i am interested in hunting
i am leaving in the afternoon
i am leaving in the afternoon.
i am leaving in the evening
i am leaving in the morning
i am leaving next week
i am leaving on friday
i am leaving on monday
i am leaving on saturday
i am leaving on sunday
i am leaving on thursday
i am leaving on tuesday
i am leaving on wednesday
i am leaving today
i am leaving tomorrow
i am looking for a room
i am lost
i am married
i am much obliged to you
i am no judge of that
i am none the better for it
i am not a lawyer
i am not amused.
i am not called
i am not concerned