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not a dog's chance
not a dreg
not a drop has passed his lips
not a drop of pity
not a few
not a hint of surprise
not a hundred miles away
not a jot
not a little
not a man to be trust
not a man to be trusted
not a marker on
not a marker to
not a mite
not a mite left
not a mortal man
not a patch on
not a patch on smth.
not a patch on something
not a penny the worse
not a penny to bless oneself with
not a penny to his name
not a pennyworth
not a pin to choose between them
not a quarter as good
not a quarter so good as
not a rap
not a ray of hope
not a sail in sight
not a sausage
not a scintilla of smth.
not a scintilla of something
not a scrap
not a shot in the locker
not a shred of truth
not a single person
not a snap
not a soul
not a stir
not a stitch on
not a vestige of evidence
not a whit
not a whit better
not a whit!
not a wink
not a word
not abolished
not accept smth.
not acclimatized
not accustomed to the climate of a new
not accustomed to the climate of a new place
not acquainted with the situation
not adapted
not admit
not after
not after-
not agree with
not airtight
not alike
not all beer and skittles
not all there
not allow
not allowed
not amenable to reason
not amiss
not amount to much
not an atom of evidence
not an earthly
not an example to be followed
not an iota
not any
not anywhere
not appeal to refined taste
not applicable
not applied
not appointed
not approve
not as ... as
not as good as
not as it used to be
not as much
not at all
not at all!
not at any price
not at his best
not at home
not attend to one's proper duties
not available
not averse to a good dinner
not aware