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not informed
not infrequently
not intoxicated
not just
not just in name only, but also in reality
not know how to appreciate favors
not know someone from Adam
not know the immensity of heaven and ea
not know the immensity of heaven and earth
not know what smb. is driving at
not know what to do
not know what's good for one
not knowing
not later than
not lax
not learnt
not least
not legislated
not less than
not let smb. get away with it
not let smb. get-away with it
not lift a finger
not like everybody else
not like the looks of someone
not likely
not likely!
not limited to
not long
not long after
not long after that
not long ago
not make sense
not marked
not married yet
not meet
not mentioned
not merely
not mince matters
not mince one's words
not mind
not more than
not move a muscle
not moving
not much
not much good at it
not much of a
not much to boast of
not much to choose
not much to choose between the two
not much to choose between them
not my cup of tea
not my forte
not natural
not nearly
not necessarily
not needing the slightest effort
not negotiable
not nice
not normal
not numerous
not object to
not of any help
not of this world
not often
not OK with him
not on speaking terms
not on your life
not on your nelly
not once
not one
not one jot or tittle
not only
not only ... but
not only ... but also
not only this
not operation
not ordinary
not original
not outgoing
not paid up
not paired off
not partake
not particularly
not pay attention to
not perfect
not permitted
not playing with a full deck
not promising
not proper
not proven