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pussy foot
pussy foots
pussy willow
pussy willow catkin
put a ban on
put a bet
put a bold face on
put a bold face on smth.
put a bold front on it
put a bone into joint again
put a bridle on
put a child to bed
put a coffin in grave
put a collar on
put a crimp in
put a crimp into
put a damper on
put a false color on smth.
put a finger on smb.
put a halter on
put a halter upon
put a horse at a fence
put a horse to a fence
put a jerk in it
put a jinx on
put a knife into
put a ladder
put a mark
put a mask on
put a new face on
put a period to
put a person through
put a person to his trumps
put a premium on
put a premium on smth.
put a question to
put a room straight
put a saddle on
put a slight upon smb.
put a slur
put a slur on
put a sock in it
put a spoke in smb.'s wheel
put a stay on
put a stop to
put a stopper on
put a veto on
put a wet blanket on
put a wide interpretation on smth.
put about
put account
put across
put after
put again
put against
put all one's eggs in one basket
put all the goods in the shopwindow
put an affront upon smb.
put an end to
put an end to oneself
put an extension on one's house
put an idea into smb.'s head
put around
put ashore
put aside
put at
put at risk
put away
put away from
put back
put back the clock
put bed
put before
put beforehand
put beside
put blame on smb.
put bounds
put by