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pay obeisance to
pay off
pay off a debt
pay off a grudge against smb.
pay off handsomely
pay off old scores
pay off one's debt
pay off the balance
pay office
pay on account
pay on the nail
pay on the nail!
pay one's addresses to
pay one's addresses to a lady
pay one's attention to smb.
pay one's court to
pay one's debt
pay one's debt to
pay one's debt to nature
pay one's devoirs to smb.
pay one's last respects
pay one's own way
pay one's passage
pay one's respects
pay one's respects to
pay one's shot
pay one's way
pay out
pay out on top
pay over
pay over the odds for smth.
pay packet
pay particular attention
pay per view
pay per wiew
pay phone
pay raise
pay rate
pay religious homage to
pay reparations
pay respect
pay respect to
pay respects
pay retroactively
pay rise
pay round
pay scot and lot
pay serious consideration
pay sheet
pay slip
pay smb. a compliment
pay smb.'s rent
pay smb.'s tax
pay someone back
pay special attention to smth.
pay station
pay stub
pay tax
pay tax on
pay taxes
pay telephone
pay television
pay the bill
pay the check
pay the damages
pay the fiddler
pay the penalty of
pay the piper
pay the price
pay the tuition fee
pay through the nose
pay to the order of
pay towards
pay tribute
pay tribute to
pay tuition
pay TV
pay under protest
pay up
pay warrant
pay with one's life
payable at sight
payable on demand
payable to
payable to bearer
payable to order
payable to payee only
payable to the bearer