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take my advice
take my tip
take no account of
take no chances
take no denial
take no for an answer
take no heed of danger
take no heed of what is said
take no notice
take no notice of
take no refusal
take note
take note of
take notes
take notes of a lecture
take nothing for granted
take notice
take notice of
take nourishment
take objection
take objection to
take occasion by the forelock
take odds
take of
take off
take off an embargo
take off board
take off clothes
take off for
take off line
take off one's clothes
take off one's coat
take off one's coat to the work
take off one's hat
take off one's hat to smb.
take off one's shoes
take off order
take off procedure
take off the gloves
take off time
take off your coat
take off your things
take offence
take offense
take office
take on
take on a bet
take on a mental burden
take on a new lease of life
take on a task and guarantee success
take on again
take on board
take on everything
take on lease
take on loan
take on passengers
take on too much
take on tow
take on trust
take on years
take one's abode
take one's adieu
take one's advice
take one's bearings
take one's chance
take one's choice
take one's color from smb.
take one's courage in both hands
take one's cue from smb.
take one's degree
take one's departure
take one's ease
take one's farewell of
take one's flight
take one's gruel
take one's hook
take one's leave
take one's leave of
take one's leave of smb.
take one's medicine
take one's own life
take one's passage
take one's pick
take one's place
take one's revenge
take one's revenge on
take one's revenge upon
take one's seat
take one's stand
take one's temperature