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the foregoing
the foreseeable future
The Forgotten War
the former
the former and the latter
the former term
the forties
the forty thieves
the Founding Fathers
the four basic freedoms
the four elements
the four freedoms
the Four Mothers
the four portions
the four rules
the four seasons
the four sides
the four varieties
the four winds
the fourth power
the fraction was reduced
the franco german war
the franco-german war
the freezer is broken
the french
The Fresh Prince
the front of the house
the further
the future
the fuzz
the galaxy
the galilean
the gallic cock
the game is not over yet
the game is not worth the candle
the game is over
the game is over for him
the game is up
the game theory
the gapes
the gas station is over there
the gee gees
The Gem State
the general
the general public
the gentle sex
the gentleman's
the gentlemen of the long robe
the gents
the gift law
The Gilded Age
The Godfather
the godhead
the going concern assumption
the Golden Book
the golden mean
the golden path
the good and the bad
the good guys
the good shepherd
the government basic law
the government party
the government was overthrown
the governor
The Graduate
the grail
the granite city
the gravity of the situation
the great
the Great Assembly
the great bear
the great beyond
The Great Depression
the great divide
The Great Gatsby
the great lake
the great majority
the great unwashed
The Great War
the great wen
the greater bear
the greater part
the greatest inventors
the Greats
the green eyed monster
the Green Line
the Green Room
the green wave
the green-eyed monster
the grim reaper