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wipe in
wipe off
wipe off old scores
wipe off the slate
wipe on
wipe one's eyes
wipe one's hands on a towel
wipe oneself
wipe out
wipe smb.'s eye
wipe smb.'s eye for him
wipe smb.'s eyes
wipe smb.'s nose
wipe smth. from the tape
wipe the blackboard
wipe the floor
wipe the floor with
wipe the floor with smb
wipe the floor with smb.
wipe the floor with someone
wipe the ground with smb.
wipe the ground with someone
wipe the slate clean
wipe the state clean
wipe up
wipe with a cloth
wiped him out
wiped his mouth
wiped his nose
wiped off
wiped out
wiped the sweat off
wiper arm
wiping out
wire agency
wire away
wire back
wire bound
wire bridge
wire brush
wire cable
wire cloth
wire communication
wire cutter
wire cutters
wire dancer
wire drawn
wire entanglement
wire entanglements
wire fence
wire for
wire gauge
wire gauze
wire gauze safe
wire glass
wire grass
wire haired
wire hanger
wire in
wire inlay
wire into
wire memory
wire mesh
wire mesh window
wire money
wire netting
wire nettings
wire pole
wire printer
wire puller
wire pulling
wire record
wire recorder
wire recording
wire rod
wire room
wire rope
wire screen
wire service
wire side
wire stitch
wire stitched
wire stitcher