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with a strong hand
with a telephone
with a through passage
with a through-passage
with a thud
with a triumphant air
with a vengeance
with a view to
with a view to profit
with a wag of its tail
with a wag of the tail
with a wavy motion
with a whack
with a whole skin
with a willing heart
with a worried frown
with a yawn
with abandon
with acquiescence
with admiration
with alacrity
with all details
with all due deference
with all due deference to
with all due modesty
with all due respect
with all due submission
with all his heart
with all my heart
with all one's heart
with all one's strength
with all possible dispatch
with all respect
with all speed
with all that it implies
with all the respect
with an air of composure
with an air of finality
with an effort
with an empty stomach
with an express salvo
with an eye to
with an iron fist
with an open hand
with anchor atrip
with animosity
with anxiety
with aplomb
with apron
with arms across
with arms akimbo
with astonishment
with authority
with awe
with bated breath
with bell
with bell, book and candle
with benefit of clergy
with best regards
with best wishes
with both feet on the ground
with buds
with butter
with calf
with calmness
with candor
with care
with certainty
with child
with cinnamon
with clockwork precision
with compliments
with compliments of the chef
with composure
with conditions attached
with conscious superiority
with consideration
with conviction
with cream
with crooked neck
with decency
with decision
with deep concern
with deep condolences from smb.
with deep sorrow
with difficulty
with dilated eyes
with dimmed eyes
with disappointment
with disgust