Definition of german Pronunciation
1. Having the same mother and father; a full (brother or sister).
2. Being born to one’s blood aunt or uncle, a first (cousin).
3. Closely related, akin.
4. A near relative.
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English - English - german Pronunciation
n. German language
n. native of Germany, resident of Germany
adj. of German origin, of or pertaining to Germany
English - Spanish - german Pronunciation
s. alemán
s. alemán, nativo de Alemania
adj. alemán, germano, teutón, teutónico, tudesco; hermano
English - French - german Pronunciation
n. Allemand, langue germanique
n. Allemand, résident de l'Allemagne
adj. allemand, de l'Allemagne
English - German - german Pronunciation
n. Deutsch, Deutsche Sprache
n. Deutscher, Bürger Deutschlands
adj. deutsch, Deutschland betreffend, deutscher Herkunft
English - Italian - german Pronunciation
s. tedesco
agg. germano
English - Portuguese - german Pronunciation
s. alemão (idioma)
s. alemão, cidadão da Alemanha
adj. alemão , da Alemanha
English - Russian - german Pronunciation
с. немец, немка, немецкий язык
прил. германский, немецкий
прил. немецкий
English - Turkish - german Pronunciation
i. Alman, Almanca
s. Alman
German - English - german
german, German
English - Albanian - german Pronunciation
n. gjerman, gjermanishte
adj. gjerman, gjermanisht
English - Dutch - german Pronunciation
zn. Duits (taal)
zn. Duitse(r), bewoner v. Duitsland
bn. Duits, betr. Duitsland
English - Greek - german Pronunciation
ουσ. γερμανός, συγγενής εξ' αίματος
επίθ. γερμανικός
English - Chinese - german Pronunciation
(名) 德国人; 德语
(形) 德国的; 德语的; 德国人的
(形) 同父母的; 同祖父母的, 同外祖父母的
English - Chinese - german Pronunciation
(名) 德國人; 德語
(形) 德國的; 德語的; 德國人的
(形) 同父母的; 同祖父母的, 同外祖父母的
English - Japanese - german Pronunciation
(形) ドイツの; ドイツ語の; ドイツ人の
(名) ドイツ人
(名) ドイツ語
English - Korean - german Pronunciation
명. 독일 말
명. 독일 사람
형. 독일의

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