Definition of greek Pronunciation
1. The Hellenic branch of the Indo-European family of languages.
2. A native or inhabitant of Greece.
3. Of or relating to or characteristic of Greece or the Greeks or the Greek language.
Greek mythology.
A Grecian robe.
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English - English - greek Pronunciation
n. Greek language
n. native of Greece, resident of Greece
adj. of or pertaining to Greece, of Greek origin
English - Spanish - greek Pronunciation
s. griego (lenguaje o idioma)
s. griego, nativo de Grecia
adj. griego, greciano, helénico, heleno; greco
English - French - greek Pronunciation
n. Grec, la langue grecque
n. Grec, résident de la Grèce
adj. grec, de la Grèce
English - German - greek Pronunciation
n. Griechisch (Sprache)
n. Grieche, Einwohner Griechenlands, Bürger Griechenlands
adj. griechisch, Griechenland betreffend, griechischer Abstammung
English - Indonesian - greek Pronunciation
n. yunani: orang yunani, yunani: bahasa yunani
a. yunani
English - Italian - greek Pronunciation
s. greco; (Rel) appartenente alla Chiesa greco-ortodossa
agg. greco; (Rel) greco-ortodosso
English - Polish - greek Pronunciation
n. grek, greczynka, grecki: język grecki
a. grecki, greckokatolicki {rel.}, prawosławny {rel.}
English - Portuguese - greek Pronunciation
s. grego, a língua grega
s. grego, da Grécia, nativo da Grécia, residente da Grécia
adj. grego, da Grécia
English - Romanian - greek Pronunciation
n. grec, greacă, limba greacă
a. grec, grecesc, elen
English - Russian - greek Pronunciation
с. грек, гречанка, греческий язык
прил. греческий
English - Turkish - greek Pronunciation
i. Yunanlı, Yunan, Rum, Yunanca
s. Yunan, Yunanistan'a ait
English - Ukrainian - greek Pronunciation
n. грек, гречанка, грецький: грецька мова
a. грецький
English - Dutch - greek Pronunciation
zn. Grieks (taal)
zn. Griek (bewoner v. Griekenland)
bn. Grieks, betr. Griekenland
English - Greek - greek Pronunciation
ουσ. ελληνικός, έλλην, ελληνικά, έλληνας, ελληνίδα
επίθ. ελληνικός
English - Arabic - greek Pronunciation
‏اللغة اليونانية، الإغريقي‏
English - Chinese - greek Pronunciation
(名) 希腊人, 希腊文
(形) 希腊的; 希腊语的; 希腊人的
English - Chinese - greek Pronunciation
(名) 希臘人, 希臘文
(形) 希臘的; 希臘語的; 希臘人的
English - Hindi - greek Pronunciation
n. यूनानी, यूनानी भाषा, ग्रीक, ग्रीक भाषा
a. यूनानी, ग्रीक, ग्रीस देश-संबंधी
English - Japanese - greek Pronunciation
(形) ギリシャの; ギリシャ語の; ギリシャ人の
(名) ギリシャ人
(名) ギリシャ語
English - Korean - greek Pronunciation
명. 그리스말
명. 그리스 사람
형. 그리스의, 그리스풍의
English - Vietnamese - greek Pronunciation
n. kẻ bịp, người Hy lạp
a. thuộc về Hy lạp, bợm lừa đảo

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