[Italian] n. language of Italy
n. resident of Italy, one of Italian origin
adj. of or pertaining to Italy, of Italian origin
English - Spanish - italian Pronunciation
[Italian] adj. italiano
s. italiano, nativo de Italia
English - French - italian Pronunciation
[Italian] n. Italien, langue parlée en Italie
n. Italien, résident de l'Italie
adj. italien, de l'Italie
English - German - italian Pronunciation
[Italian] n. Italienisch, Sprache Italiens
n. Italiener, Einwohner Italiens, Person italienischer Abstammung
adj. italienisch, zu Italien gehörend, Italien betreffend
English - Italian - italian Pronunciation
[Italian] agg. italiano
English - Portuguese - italian Pronunciation
[Italian] s. italiano (idioma)
s. cidadão da Itália, italiano
adj. da Itália, italiano
English - Russian - italian Pronunciation
[Italian] с. итальянец, итальянка, итальянский язык
прил. итальянский
English - Turkish - italian Pronunciation
[Italian] i. İtalyan, İtalyanca
s. İtalyan
Albanian - English - italian
n. italian
adj. italian
English - Albanian - italian Pronunciation
n. italian, italishte
adj. italian
English - Dutch - italian Pronunciation
[Italian] zn. Italiaans (taal)
zn. Italiaan (bew. v. Italië)
bn. Italiaans (betr. Italië)
English - Greek - italian Pronunciation
[Italian] ουσ. ιταλός, ιταλικά
επίθ. ιταλικός
English - Chinese - italian Pronunciation
[Italian] (名) 意大利人, 意大利语
(形) 意大利的, 意大利语的
English - Chinese - italian Pronunciation
[Italian] (名) 義大利人, 義大利語
(形) 義大利的, 義大利語的
English - Japanese - italian Pronunciation
[Italian] (形) イタリアの; イタリア語の; イタリア人の
(名) イタリア人
(名) イタリア語
English - Korean - italian Pronunciation
[Italian] 명. 이탈리아 언어
명. 이태리 사람
형. 이탈리아의
noun: the Romance language spoken in Italy
noun: a native or inhabitant of Italy
adjective: of or pertaining to or characteristic of Italy or its people or culture or language Example:Italian cooking.
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