n. native or resident of Portugal (country in southwestern Europe)
n. language spoken in Portugal and Brazil; language spoken in several countries (Angola, Mozambique, Cape Verde, Guinea Bissau, East Timor and Sao Tome and Principe)
adj. of or pertaining to Portugal, from Portugal (country in southwestern Europe)
English - Spanish - portuguese Pronunciation
s. portugués
adj. portugués, de Portugal, lusitano, luso, portugalés
English - French - portuguese Pronunciation
n. Portugais, langue parlée au Portugal, langue officielle du Brésil; langue parlée dans plusieurs pays ( Angola, Mozambique, au Cap-Vert, en Guinée-Bissau, à Sao Tomé-et-Principe, au Timor oriental)
adj. portugais, du Portugal, venant du Portugal
English - German - portuguese Pronunciation
n. Portugiesisch, Sprache in Portugal Brasilien gesprochen; in mehreren Ländern gesprochene Sprache (Angola, Mosambik, Kap Verde, Guinea Bissau, Ost Timor und Sao Tome é Principe)
adj. portugiesisch, aus oder sich auf Portugal beziehend
English - Italian - portuguese Pronunciation
s. portoghese, lingua parlata nel Portogallo, in Brasile e in altri paesi africani come l'Angola, il Mozambico, Capo Verde, Guinea Bissau, Timor e San Tome e Principe
agg. portoghese
English - Portuguese - portuguese Pronunciation
s. português, idioma oficial de Portugal e do Brazil; idioma falado em vários países (Angola, Moçambique, Cabo Verde, Guiné Bissau, Timor do Leste e São tomé e Príncipe)
adj. português, de Portugal
English - Russian - portuguese Pronunciation
с. португалец, португалка, португальский язык
прил. португальский
English - Turkish - portuguese Pronunciation
i. portekizli, portekizce
s. Portekiz
English - Albanian - portuguese Pronunciation
n. portugez, portugalisht
adj. portugez
English - Dutch - portuguese Pronunciation
bn. portugees
zn. portugees
English - Greek - portuguese Pronunciation
επίθ. πορτογάλος
English - Chinese - portuguese Pronunciation
(名) 葡萄牙人, 葡萄牙语
(形) 葡萄牙的, 葡萄牙语的, 葡萄牙人的
English - Chinese - portuguese Pronunciation
(名) 葡萄牙人, 葡萄牙語
(形) 葡萄牙的, 葡萄牙語的, 葡萄牙人的
English - Japanese - portuguese Pronunciation
(形) ポルトガルの; ポルトガル語の; ポルトガル人の
(名) ポルトガル語, ポルトガルとブラジルの国語; 数々の国で話される言語(アンゴラ, モザンビーク, カーボベルデ, ギニアビサウ, 東ティモール, サントメ プリンシペ)
(名) ポルトガル人(ヨーロッパ南西部にある国)
English - Korean - portuguese Pronunciation
명. 포르투갈 인; 포르투갈 어
형. 포르투갈의
noun: the Romance language spoken in Portugal and Brazil
noun: a native or inhabitant of Portugal
adjective: of or relating to or characteristic of Portugal or the people of Portugal Example:Portuguese wines.
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