n. Slavic language spoken in Russia
n. resident or citizen of Russia (large country in Europe and Asia)
adj. pertaining to Russia or its inhabitants (large country in Europe and Asia)
English - Spanish - russian Pronunciation
s. la lengua rusa
s. ruso, de Rusia
adj. ruso
English - French - russian Pronunciation
n. Russe, langue salve parlée en Russie
n. Russe, résident de la Russie
adj. russe, de Russie
English - German - russian Pronunciation
n. Russisch, slavische Sprache
n. Russe (Einwohner Russlands)
adj. russisch (zu Russland gehörend)
English - Italian - russian Pronunciation
agg. russo
English - Portuguese - russian Pronunciation
s. o idioma russo
s. cidadão russo, russo
adj. da Rússia, russo
English - Russian - russian Pronunciation
с. русский, русская, русский язык
прил. русский, российский
English - Turkish - russian Pronunciation
i. Rus, Rusça
s. Rus
English - Dutch - russian Pronunciation
zn. Russisch (taal)
zn. Rus(sin), bewoner v. Rusland
bn. Russisch, betr. Rusland
English - Greek - russian Pronunciation
ουσ. ρώσσος
επίθ. ρωσσικός, ρωσικός
English - Chinese - russian Pronunciation
(名) 俄国人, 俄语
(形) 俄国的, 俄语的
English - Chinese - russian Pronunciation
(名) 俄國人, 俄語
(形) 俄國的, 俄語的
English - Japanese - russian Pronunciation
(形) ロシアの; ロシア系の; ロシア人の; ロシア製の; ロシア語の
(名) ロシア人
(名) ロシア語
English - Korean - russian Pronunciation
명. 러시아인, 러시아 말
명. 러시아 사람
형. 러시아의, 러시아인의
noun: the Slavic language that is the official language of Russia
noun: a native or inhabitant of Russia
adjective: of or pertaining to or characteristic of Russia or its people or culture or language Example:Russian dancing.
name: A surname (very rare: popularity rank in the U.S.: #39360)

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