Definition of spanish Pronunciation
1. To subject to spanishing, a printing process in which an ink is deposited on the bottoms and sides of depressions formed in a plastic material
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English - English - spanish Pronunciation
n. Romance language spoken in Spain and most of Latin America; people of Spain
adj. of or pertaining to Spain, of or pertaining to the people or language of Spain
English - Spanish - spanish Pronunciation
s. español, castellano
adj. español, hispánico, hispano
English - French - spanish Pronunciation
n. Espagnol, langue romane devenue la langue officielle de l'Espagne et dans un grand nombre de pays de l'Amérique latine; le peuple Espagnol
adj. espagnol, relatif à l'Espagne, qui appartient à l'Espagne; relatif à la langue espagnole
English - German - spanish Pronunciation
n. Spanisch, in Spanien und Lateinamerika gesprochene Sprache; Volk Spaniens
adj. spanisch (zu Spanien gehörend)
English - Italian - spanish Pronunciation
s. spagnoli; spagnolo, lingua spagnola
agg. spagnolo, di Spagna
English - Portuguese - spanish Pronunciation
s. espanhol (idioma); o povo espanhol
adj. da Espanha, espanhol
English - Russian - spanish Pronunciation
с. испанский язык
прил. испанский
English - Turkish - spanish Pronunciation
i. İspanyolca, İspanyollar
s. İspanyol, İspanyolca
English - Albanian - spanish Pronunciation
n. spanjoll
adj. spanjoll
English - Dutch - spanish Pronunciation
zn. Spaans (taal); (the ..) Spanjaarden
bn. Spaans, betr. Spanje
English - Greek - spanish Pronunciation
ουσ. ισπανικά, ισπανοί
επίθ. ισπανικός
English - Chinese - spanish Pronunciation
(名) 西班牙人, 西班牙语
(形) 西班牙的; 西班牙语的; 西班牙人的
English - Chinese - spanish Pronunciation
(名) 西班牙人, 西班牙語
(形) 西班牙的; 西班牙語的; 西班牙人的
English - Japanese - spanish Pronunciation
(形) スペインの; スペイン語の; スペイン人の; スペイン風の; スペイン系の
(名) スペイン人; スペイン語
English - Korean - spanish Pronunciation
명. 스페인 말; 스페인 사람
형. 스페인 사람의; 스페인의; 스페인 말의

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