n. language spoken in Turkey, language spoken in the country in western Asia and southeastern Europe between the Mediterranean Sea and the Black Sea
adj. of Turkey (republic located in western Asia and southeastern Europe); of the Turkish language
English - Spanish - turkish Pronunciation
s. turco
adj. turco, otomano, turqués
English - French - turkish Pronunciation
n. turc, langue parlée en Turquie
adj. turc, de Turquie; de langue Turc
English - German - turkish Pronunciation
n. Türkisch, offizielle Sprache der Türkei
adj. türkisch (zur Türkei gehörend)
English - Italian - turkish Pronunciation
s. turco, lingua turca
agg. turco
English - Portuguese - turkish Pronunciation
s. turco, idioma turco
adj. turco, da Turquia; do idioma turco
English - Russian - turkish Pronunciation
с. турецкий язык
прил. турецкий
English - Turkish - turkish Pronunciation
i. Türkçe
s. Türk
English - Albanian - turkish Pronunciation
n. turk
adj. turk
English - Dutch - turkish Pronunciation
zn. Turks (taal)
bn. Turks, v. Turkije; v.d. Turkse taal
English - Greek - turkish Pronunciation
επίθ. τούρκικος
English - Chinese - turkish Pronunciation
(名) 土耳其语
(形) 土耳其的, 土耳其语的, 土耳其人的
English - Chinese - turkish Pronunciation
(名) 土耳其語
(形) 土耳其的, 土耳其語的, 土耳其人的
English - Japanese - turkish Pronunciation
(形) トルコの(西アジアと東南ヨーロッパの間に位置する共和国); トルコ語の; トルコ人の; トルコ風の
(名) トルコ語, 西アジアと地中海と黒海の間にある東南ヨーロッパで話す言語
English - Korean - turkish Pronunciation
명. 터키말
형. 터키의, 터키식의; 터키말의
noun: a Turkic language spoken by the Turks
adjective: of or relating to or characteristic of Turkey or its people or language Example:Turkish towels.
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