Definition of diffusivity Pronunciation
1. A tendency to diffuse
2. A coefficient of diffusion; especially the amount of heat that passes through a given area in unit time
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English - Spanish - diffusivity Pronunciation
difusibilidad, difusividad, coeficiente de difusión
English - French - diffusivity Pronunciation
English - German - diffusivity Pronunciation
Diffusionsfähigkeit, Temperaturleitzahl, Temperaturleitfähigkeit, Diffusionsvermögen
English - Portuguese - diffusivity Pronunciation
[física] s. difusibilidade, f.
English - Russian - diffusivity Pronunciation
коэффициент диффузии; температуропроводность
English - Turkish - diffusivity Pronunciation
yayilma gücü
English - Chinese - diffusivity Pronunciation

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