English - English - dimensions Pronunciation
n. measurements in length width and height of cargo (Transport); significant quantities of a unit system in physics being mass length and time (Physics)
n. size, measurement; dimension, proportion
English - Spanish - dimensions Pronunciation
[dimension] s. dimensión, magnitud
English - French - dimensions Pronunciation
n. dimensions
English - German - dimensions Pronunciation
[dimension] n. Dimension
n. Dimensionen, Frachtmaße der Länge Breite und Höhe; bedeutende Mengen eines Einheitssystems in Physik der Länge und Zeit (Physik)
English - Indonesian - dimensions Pronunciation
n. ukuran, luasnya, besarnya
English - Italian - dimensions Pronunciation
s. dimensioni
English - Portuguese - dimensions Pronunciation
s. dimensões (termo usado em transportes e na física)
English - Romanian - dimensions Pronunciation
n. gabarit, mărime
English - Russian - dimensions Pronunciation
[dimension] с. размер, величина, объем, протяжение, измерение, размерность
English - Turkish - dimensions Pronunciation
i. boyut, ölçü, ebat, boyutlar
French - English - dimensions Pronunciation
n. dimensions
English - Dutch - dimensions Pronunciation
zn. metingen in lengte breedte en hoogte van lading (Transport); belangrijke hoeveelheden van een eenheidsysteem in natuurkunde nl. massa, lengte en tijd (Natuurkunde)
English - Greek - dimensions Pronunciation
[dimension] ουσ. διάσταση, μέγεθος
French - Russian - dimensions Pronunciation
n. размеры (fpl)
English - Chinese - dimensions Pronunciation
[dimension] (名) 尺寸, 容积, 次元
English - Chinese - dimensions Pronunciation
[dimension] (名) 尺寸, 容積, 次元
English - Hindi - dimensions Pronunciation
n. परिमाण, पैमाना, विस्तार, लंबाई-चौड़ाई
English - Japanese - dimensions Pronunciation
(名) 積荷の体積の測定(輸送); 次元(物理学)
(名) 寸法; 大きさ; 規模
English - Korean - dimensions Pronunciation
명. 넓이, 치수

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