Definition of direction Pronunciation
1. A theoretical line (physically or mentally) followed from a point of origin or towards a destination.
Keep going in the same direction.
2. An general trend for future action.
3. Guidance, instruction.
The trombonist looked to the bandleader for direction.
4. The work of the director in cinema or theater; the skill of directing a film, play etc.
The screenplay was good, but the direction was weak.
5. An address.
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English - English - direction Pronunciation
n. bearing; guidance, supervision; conducting; management; educating, instructing
n. direction, way; management, leadership, government; command, conduct; directing, superintendence, supervision; course, range, trend; vector; departure, guidance; domain
English - Spanish - direction Pronunciation
s. dirección, arrumbamiento, curso, orientación, rumbo, sentido; guía, encauzamiento; administración, gerencia, gobierno
English - French - direction Pronunciation
n. direction, sens; instruction, enseignement; administration, réalisation
English - German - direction Pronunciation
n. Richtung; Leitung; Führung; Ziel
English - Italian - direction Pronunciation
s. direzione, senso; indirizzo, corso, tendenza; guida; (Cin, Teat) regia; indicazione, didascalia
English - Portuguese - direction Pronunciation
s. direção; rumo; curso; instrução; manejo; administração
English - Russian - direction Pronunciation
с. направление, область, сфера; руководство, управление, указание, предписание, распоряжение; инструкция, правила пользования ; дирекция, адрес; постановка, режиссура
English - Turkish - direction Pronunciation
i. yön, istikamet; direktörlük; yönetim; kumanda, yönetme, emir, talimat; açıklama, alıcı adresi
French - English - direction Pronunciation
(f) n. direction, way; management, leadership, government; command, conduct; directing, superintendence, supervision; course, range, trend; vector; departure, guidance; domain
English - Dutch - direction Pronunciation
zn. richting; leiding; aanwijzing; instructie; regie; bestuur
English - Greek - direction Pronunciation
ουσ. κατεύθυνση, σκηνοθεσία, διεύθυνση
French - Spanish - direction Pronunciation
1. (orientation) dirección (f); rumbo (m) 2. (commerce - écoles) cargo de director; dirección (f)
3. (général) camino (m) 4. (gens) dirección (f); mando (m)
5. (compagnie) dirección (f); administración (f) 6. (nautique) dirección (f); rumbo (m)
French - German - direction Pronunciation
n. richtung, blickrichtung, himmelsrichtung, leitung, lenkung, führung, direktion, betriebsführung, betriebsleitung, geschäftsführung, geschäftsleitung, steuerung, dirigieren, führen, direktorat
French - Italian - direction Pronunciation
1. (orientation) direzione (f); corso (m); rotta (f); parte (f) 2. (commerce - écoles) carica di direttore; direzione (f)
3. (général) strada (f) 4. (gens) direzione (f)
5. (compagnie) direzione (f); amministrazione (f); management (m) 6. (nautique) direzione (f); rotta (f)
French - Portuguese - direction Pronunciation
1. (orientation) direção (f); curso (m); rumo (m); caminho (m) 2. (commerce - écoles) diretoria (f); direção (f)
3. (général) caminho (m) 4. (gens) liderança (f)
5. (compagnie) direção (f); comando (m); gerência (f); administração (f) 6. (nautique) curso (m); rumo (m); rota (f)
French - Russian - direction Pronunciation
n. дирекция (f), руководство (f), администрация (f), заведование (f), правление (f), менеджмент (f), управление (f), управление (воен.) (f), водительство (f), направление (f), ку
French - Dutch - direction Pronunciation
1. (orientation) richting (f); koers (m); kant (m) 2. (commerce - écoles) directeurschap (n); directoraat (n)
3. (général) weg (m) 4. (gens) leiderschap (n)
5. (compagnie) leiding (f); directie (f); bestuur (n); beheer (n) 6. (nautique) koers (m)
English - Chinese - direction Pronunciation
(名) 方向; 趋势; 指导
English - Chinese - direction Pronunciation
(名) 方向; 趨勢; 指導
English - Japanese - direction Pronunciation
(名) 方向; 方面; 指導; 指示; 案内
English - Korean - direction Pronunciation
명. 방위; 지도; 운영; 관리; 교육

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Synonyms for direction
1. management: supervision, administration, regulation, control, command, superintendence
2. point of the compass: bearing, objective, area, road, route, spot, way
3. order: charge, injunction, regulation, instruction, guidance, bent, bias