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English English - Definition of discrimination 
n. discernment; partiality, unequal treatment; ability to choose well (in matters of taste)
n. discrimination, unequal treatment; ability to choose well (in matters of taste), discernment; partiality
Spanish English To Spanish - discrimination 
s. discriminación, segregacionismo, separatismo; discernimiento, distinción
French English To French - discrimination 
n. discrimination, distinction, jugement, discernement
German English To German - discrimination 
n. Diskriminierung, Unterscheidung
Italian English To Italian - discrimination 
s. discriminazione; differenziazione; discernimento, acume, perspicacia
Portuguese English To Portuguese - discrimination 
s. discriminação, diferenciação
Russian English To Russian - discrimination 
с. проницательность, разборчивость, умение разбираться; дискриминация, неодинаковое отношение, различный подход; распознавание
Turkish English To Turkish - discrimination 
i. ayırt etme, fark gözetme, ayrıcalık yapma, ayırma yetkisi
English French To English - discrimination 
(f) n. discrimination, unequal treatment; ability to choose well (in matters of taste), discernment; partiality
Albanian English To Albanian - discrimination 
n. dallim, diferencim, aftësi dalluese, diskriminim, dallim me paragjykim
Dutch English To Dutch - discrimination 
zn. discriminatie, onderscheid, waarneming
Greek English To Greek - discrimination 
ουσ. διάκριση
Dutch French To Dutch - discrimination 
(conduite) discriminatie (f)
ChineseS English To ChineseS - discrimination 
(名) 差别, 辨别力, 岐视
ChineseT English To ChineseT - discrimination 
(名) 差別, 辨別力, 岐視
Japanese English To Japanese - discrimination 
(名) 識別; 差別; 識別力(味の)
Korean English To Korean - discrimination 
명. 식별; 차별, 차별대우; 감식력
German French To German - discrimination 
n. diskriminierung
Italian French To Italian - discrimination 
(conduite) discriminazione (f)
Portuguese French To Portuguese - discrimination 
(conduite) discriminação (f)
Russian French To Russian - discrimination 
n. дискриминация (f)
Spanish French To Spanish - discrimination 
(conduite) discriminación (f)
Turkish French To Turkish - discrimination 
[la] ayırt etme; başkalarından ayrı davranma
noun: unfair treatment of a person or group on the basis of prejudice
noun: the cognitive process whereby two or more stimuli are distinguished


 Synonyms for discrimination
distinction: dash, difference, idiosyncrasy, tone

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