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English English - Definition of disposition 
n. tendency; character, nature, trait; arrangement, placement
n. disposition, tendency; character, nature, trait; arrangement, placement
n. disposition, arrangement; layout; disposal, setting; application, forthcoming; clause; aptitude, mood, bent; regulation; provision; precaution, action
Spanish English To Spanish - disposition 
s. disposición, determinación, mandamiento, ordenamiento; configuración, ordenación; inclinación, predisposición; actitud, estado de ánimo
French English To French - disposition 
n. disposition, inclination, relation; caractère; formation, déploiement; destination
German English To German - disposition 
n. Veranlagung, Disposition, Neigung; Aufstellung, Verteilung
Italian English To Italian - disposition 
s. carattere, indole, temperamento; disposizione, sistemazione, collocamento; volontà; definizione; (Dir) cessione, trasferimento; schieramento
Portuguese English To Portuguese - disposition 
s. disposição; ordem; distribuição; caráter; aptidão, inclinação
Russian English To Russian - disposition 
с. характер, нрав; расположение, размещение; возможность распорядиться, контроль, божий промысел; продажа; склонность
Turkish English To Turkish - disposition 
i. istek, eğilim; yaradılış, yapı, yetenek; düzen, kullanma yetkisi, tahsis, idare, emir, kural
English French To English - disposition 
(f) n. disposition, arrangement; layout; disposal, setting; application, forthcoming; clause; aptitude, mood, bent; regulation; provision; precaution, action
English German To English - disposition 
n. tendency; character, nature, trait; arrangement, placement
Albanian English To Albanian - disposition 
n. natyrë e njeriut, natyrë, prirje, gatishmëri, rregullim, vendosje, renditje, sistemim, ndreqje (e punëve), heqje qafe, flakje, zgjidhje (e problemeve), shitje, heqje duarsh
Dutch English To Dutch - disposition 
zn. plaatsing, rangschikking; aard, neiging
Greek English To Greek - disposition 
ουσ. διάθεση, παράταξη
Dutch French To Dutch - disposition 
1. (général) beschikking (f) 2. (attitude) gezindheid (f); denkwijze (m/f); instelling (f) 3. (idée) zienswijze (m/f); standpunt (n); opvatting (f); mening (f); kijk (m)
4. (adresse) gave (m/f); aanleg (m); talent (n); instelling (f) 5. (impression) lay-out (m); opmaak (m) 6. (projet) indeling (f)
7. (architecture) indeling (f) 8. (avenir) voorziening (f)
Dutch German To Dutch - disposition 
beschikking ,dispositie ,indeling
ChineseS English To ChineseS - disposition 
(名) 性情, 处理, 处置
ChineseT English To ChineseT - disposition 
(名) 性情, 處理, 處置
Japanese English To Japanese - disposition 
(名) 気質; 傾向; 気持ち; 意向
Korean English To Korean - disposition 
명. 성향; 성질, 성벽; 배열, 배치
German French To German - disposition 
n. geneigtheit, anordnung, gliederung, verordnung, vorkehrung, gruppierung, disposition, bestimmung, maßregel, vorkehr
Italian French To Italian - disposition 
1. (général) disposizione (f) 2. (attitude) attitudine (f); disposizione (f) 3. (idée) attitudine (f); opinione (f)
4. (adresse) disposizione (f); attitudine (f) 5. (impression) disposizione (f); lay-out {invariable} 6. (projet) disposizione (f)
7. (architecture) posizione (f); disposizione (f) 8. (avenir) misura (f); provvedimento p
Portuguese French To Portuguese - disposition 
1. (général) disposição (f) 2. (attitude) disposição (f) 3. (idée) opinião (m); ponto de vista; posição (f)
4. (adresse) inclinação (f); aptidão (f); dom (m) 5. (impression) leiaute (m); layout (m) 6. (projet) planta (f)
7. (architecture) planta (f); projeto (m) 8. (avenir) provisão (f)
Russian French To Russian - disposition 
n. задатки (f), положение (f), расположение (f), размещение (f), расстановка (f), упорядочивание (f), диспозиция (f), конструкция (f), настроение (f), склонность (f), тенденция (f), условие (f), распоряжение (f), выписывание (чека) (f)
Spanish French To Spanish - disposition 
1. (général) disposición (f) 2. (attitude) disposición (f) 3. (idée) actitud (f); opinión (f); postura (f); punto de vista
4. (adresse) disposición (f); don (m) 5. (impression) disposición (f) 6. (projet) trazado (m)
7. (architecture) trazado (m); disposición (f) 8. (avenir) previsión (f)
Turkish French To Turkish - disposition 
[la] düzenleme; düzen; huy, tabiat; eğilim; niyet
ChineseS German To ChineseS - disposition 
[die] ①支配。处置。②计划。安排。布置。③布局。编排。段落。④爱好。气质。性情。性格。天性。特性。因素。素质。
French German To French - disposition 
n. disposition (f)
Italian German To Italian - disposition 
n. disposizione (f)
Russian German To Russian - disposition 
n. расположение (f), диспозиция (f), разнарядка (f)
Spanish German To Spanish - disposition 
n. disposición (f), predisposición (f)
Turkish German To Turkish - disposition 
i. plan (f), işten el çektirme (f), eğilim (f), dispozisyon (f)
noun: your usual mood Example:He has a happy disposition.
noun: a natural or acquired habit or characteristic tendency in a person or thing Example:A swelling with a disposition to rupture.
noun: the act or means of getting rid of something
noun: an attitude of mind especially one that favors one alternative over others


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