Definitions and translations for "dissent"

Definition of dissent

1. To disagree; to withhold assent. Construed with from (or, formerly, to).
2. To differ from, especially in opinion, beliefs, etc.
3. To be different; to have contrary characteristics.
4. Disagreement with the ideas, doctrines, decrees, etc. of a political party, government or religion.
5. An act of disagreeing with, or deviating from, the views and opinions of those holding authority.
6. A separate opinion filed in a case by judges who disagree with the outcome of the majority of the court in that case
7. A violation that arises when disagreement with an official call is expressed in an inappropriate manner such as foul language, rude gestures, of failure to comply.
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English - English - dissent

n. opposition, disagreement, discord, conflict
v. disagree on, differ, dispute, oppose
v. say, tell; mention, put, state; admit

English - Spanish - dissent

s. disensión, desacuerdo, disentimiento, disidencia
v. disentir, desavenir, diferir, disidir, estar en desacuerdo; ser discrepante

English - French - dissent

n. dissidence, différence d'opinion
v. différer d'opinion

English - German - dissent

n. andere Meinung; Ablehnung
v. anderer Meinung sein; ablehnen

English - Indonesian - dissent

n. perbedaan pendapat, ketidaksepakatan
v. setuju: tdk setuju, menolak, berselisih, berbeda pendapat

English - Italian - dissent

s. dissenso, dissidio; (Rel) scisma; (collett) dissidenti, nonconformisti
v. dissentire, discordare, non essere d'accordo; (Rel) essere dissidente

English - Polish - dissent

n. bunt, buntowanie się, rozłam
v. różnić się w poglądach

English - Portuguese - dissent

s. dissentimento, discórdia
v. divergir, discordar, dissentir

English - Romanian - dissent

n. părere diferită, disidenţă
v. avea o altă părere, acord: nu fi de acord cu, despărţi: se despărţi de biserică

English - Russian - dissent

с. разногласие, раскол, расхождение во взглядах, сектантство
г. расходиться во мнениях, расходиться в убеждениях; отступать от взглядов господствующей церкви, принадлежать к секте

English - Turkish - dissent

f. farklı düşünmek, karşı olmak, muhalif olmak; anglikan kilisesinden ayrılmak
i. düşünce ayrılığı, karşıt düşüncede olma, muhalefet; anglikan kilisesine karşı olma

English - Ukrainian - dissent

n. незгода, відмова від згоди, сектанство
v. розходитися в поглядах, розкольник: бути розкольником

English - Dutch - dissent

zn. afwijkende mening, weigering
ww. verschil van mening

English - Greek - dissent

ουσ. διαφωνία, αντιγνωμία
ρήμ. διαφωνώ

English - Arabic - dissent

‏إنشقاق، مخالفة، معارضة‏
‏خالف، عارض، إنشق على، خرج عن‏

English - Chinese - dissent

(名) 异议
(动) 持异议, 不同意

English - Chinese - dissent

(名) 異議
(動) 持異議, 不同意

English - Hindi - dissent

n. मतभेद, विचार-विभिन्नता, नाइत्तिफ़ाक़ी, असम्मति
v. मतभेद करना, विरोध करना, अन्यथा विचारना, एतराज़ करना

English - Japanese - dissent

(動) 意見を異にする
(名) 意見の相違; 異議; 非国教主義

English - Korean - dissent

명. 불찬성, 반대, 갈등, 불일치
동. 의견을 달리하다, 이의를 말하다, 국교에 반대하다

English - Vietnamese - dissent

n. không theo quốc giáo
v. không đồng ý, bất đồng ý kiến, không theo quốc giáo
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Synonyms for dissent
1. disagree: oppose, differ, contradict, rebel, refuse
2. disagreement: conflict, difference, dissension, nonconformity, discord, heresy, protest
Verb forms for dissent
Present participle: dissenting
Present: dissent (3.person: dissents)
Past: dissented
Future: will dissent
Present conditional: would dissent
Present Perfect: have dissented (3.person: has dissented)
Past Perfect: had dissented
Future Perfect: will have dissented
Past conditional: would have dissented