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English English - Definition of dissonant 
adj. discordant, inharmonious; inconsistent
adj. dissonant, discordant, inharmonious; inconsistent
adv. dissonantly, inharmoniously, discordantly, unmelodiously; incongruously
Spanish English To Spanish - dissonant 
adj. disonante, dísono
French English To French - dissonant 
adj. discordant, peu harmonieux
German English To German - dissonant 
adj. dissonant, misstöntnd
Italian English To Italian - dissonant 
agg. dissonante, discordante
Portuguese English To Portuguese - dissonant 
adj. dissonante, desentoado
Russian English To Russian - dissonant 
прил. диссонирующий, неблагозвучный, нестройный, противоречивый, сталкивающийся
Turkish English To Turkish - dissonant 
s. akortsuz, uyumsuz, ahenksiz
English French To English - dissonant 
adj. dissonant, discordant
English German To English - dissonant 
adj. discordant, inharmonious; inconsistent
English Dutch To English - dissonant 
n. dissonance, discord, cacophony
Albanian English To Albanian - dissonant 
v. zhangëllues
adj. joharmonik, vrazhdë: i vrazhdë, papajtueshëm: i papajtueshëm, kundërt: i kundërt
Dutch English To Dutch - dissonant 
bn. dissonant, niet-harmonisch
Greek English To Greek - dissonant 
επίθ. παράφωνος
French Dutch To French - dissonant 
1. (muziek) dissonant; discordant
2. (geluid) dissonance (f); discordance (f)
Dutch French To Dutch - dissonant 
(musique) dissonant
ChineseS English To ChineseS - dissonant 
(形) 不谐和的; 刺耳的; 不调和的
ChineseT English To ChineseT - dissonant 
(形) 不諧和的; 刺耳的; 不調和的
Japanese English To Japanese - dissonant 
(形) 不協和の; 不一致の
Korean English To Korean - dissonant 
형. 불협화음의; 부조화한
German French To German - dissonant 
adj. dissonant
Italian French To Italian - dissonant 
(musique) dissonante
Portuguese French To Portuguese - dissonant 
(musique) dissonante
Russian French To Russian - dissonant 
a. неблагозвучный
Spanish French To Spanish - dissonant 
(musique) disonante
Turkish French To Turkish - dissonant 
düzeni bozuk, düzensiz
French German To French - dissonant 
adj. dissonant
Italian German To Italian - dissonant 
adj. dissonante
Russian German To Russian - dissonant 
adj. диссонирующий, неблагозвучный, нестройный
Spanish German To Spanish - dissonant 
adj. disonante
adjective: characterized by musical dissonance; harmonically unresolved
adjective: not musical in nature
adjective: lacking in harmony


 Synonyms for dissonant
1. inharmonious: cacophonous, discordant, strident, unmelodious
2. irregular: inconsistent, anomalous, incompatible

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