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English English - Definition of distaste 
n. dislike, disgust, loathing
v. be ... away, be distant, set back
v. be far
Spanish English To Spanish - distaste 
s. aversión, disgusto, hastío, repugnancia, sinsabor
French English To French - distaste 
n. indignation, répugnance
German English To German - distaste 
n. Widerwillen, Abneigung
Italian English To Italian - distaste 
s. antipatia, avversione, ripugnanza
Portuguese English To Portuguese - distaste 
s. desgosto; tédio
Russian English To Russian - distaste 
с. неприязнь, отвращение
Turkish English To Turkish - distaste 
i. sevmeme, hoşlanmama, tiksinme, nefret
Albanian English To Albanian - distaste 
n. mospëlqim, neveri
v. pëlqej: nuk më pëlqen fare
Dutch English To Dutch - distaste 
zn. afkeer (van), aversie (tegen)
Greek English To Greek - distaste 
ουσ. αντιπάθεια, αποστροφή
ρήμ. αηδία
ChineseS English To ChineseS - distaste 
(名) 讨厌; 嫌恶
ChineseT English To ChineseT - distaste 
(名) 討厭; 嫌惡
Japanese English To Japanese - distaste 
(名) 嫌うこと, 嫌悪, 嫌気
Korean English To Korean - distaste 
명. 싫증, 혐오, 싫어함
noun: a feeling of intense dislike


 Synonyms for distaste
loathing: gorge, sickness, abhorrence, surfeit, disrelish, disgust, hatred
Tenses for distaste
Present participle: distasting
Present: distaste (3.person: distastes)
Past: distasted
Future: will distaste
Present conditional: would distaste
Present Perfect: have distasted (3.person: has distasted)
Past Perfect: had distasted
Future Perfect: will have distasted
Past conditional: would have distasted

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