Definition of distaste Pronunciation
1. A feeling of dislike, aversion or antipathy.
2. Aversion of the taste; dislike, as of food or drink; disrelish.
3. Discomfort; uneasiness.
4. Alienation of affection; displeasure; anger.
5. To dislike.
6. To be distasteful; to taste bad
7. To offend; to disgust; to displease.
8. To deprive of taste or relish; to make unsavory or distasteful.
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English - English - distaste Pronunciation
n. dislike, disgust, loathing
v. be ... away, be distant, set back
v. be far
English - Spanish - distaste Pronunciation
s. aversión, disgusto, hastío, repugnancia, sinsabor
English - French - distaste Pronunciation
n. indignation, répugnance
English - German - distaste Pronunciation
n. Widerwillen, Abneigung
English - Italian - distaste Pronunciation
s. antipatia, avversione, ripugnanza
English - Portuguese - distaste Pronunciation
s. desgosto; tédio
English - Russian - distaste Pronunciation
с. неприязнь, отвращение
English - Turkish - distaste Pronunciation
i. sevmeme, hoşlanmama, tiksinme, nefret
English - Dutch - distaste Pronunciation
zn. afkeer (van), aversie (tegen)
English - Greek - distaste Pronunciation
ουσ. αντιπάθεια, αποστροφή
ρήμ. αηδία
English - Chinese - distaste Pronunciation
(名) 讨厌; 嫌恶
English - Chinese - distaste Pronunciation
(名) 討厭; 嫌惡
English - Japanese - distaste Pronunciation
(名) 嫌うこと, 嫌悪, 嫌気
English - Korean - distaste Pronunciation
명. 싫증, 혐오, 싫어함

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Synonyms for distaste
loathing: gorge, sickness, abhorrence, surfeit, disrelish, disgust, hatred
Verb forms for distaste
Present participle: distasting
Present: distaste (3.person: distastes)
Past: distasted
Future: will distaste
Present conditional: would distaste
Present Perfect: have distasted (3.person: has distasted)
Past Perfect: had distasted
Future Perfect: will have distasted
Past conditional: would have distasted