Definition of distressing Pronunciation
1. Causing distress or worry or anxiety.
Distressing (or disturbing) news.
Lived in heroic if something distressful isolation.
A disturbing amount of crime.
A revelation that was most perturbing.
A new and troubling thought.
In a particularly worrisome predicament.
A worrying situation.
A worrying time.
2. Bad; unfortunate.
My finances were in a deplorable state.
A lamentable decision.
Her clothes were in sad shape.
A sorry state of affairs.
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English - English - distressing Pronunciation
adj. troubling, worrying, saddening
English - Spanish - distressing Pronunciation
adj. inquietante, acongojante, aflictivo, afligente, alarmante, angustiante, angustioso, congojoso, conturbador, desconsolador, intranquilizador, intranquilizante, preocupante
English - French - distressing Pronunciation
adj. affligeant, pénible
English - German - distressing Pronunciation
[distress] v. bedrücken, bekümmern
adj. beklagenswert, schmerzlich
English - Indonesian - distressing Pronunciation
a. menyedihkan: yg menyedihkan, menyusahkan: yg menyusahkan
English - Italian - distressing Pronunciation
agg. penoso, angoscioso, doloroso
English - Polish - distressing Pronunciation
a. rozpaczliwy, bolesny, hiobowy, niepokojący
English - Portuguese - distressing Pronunciation
adj. agoniante, doloroso, desesperador
English - Romanian - distressing Pronunciation
a. dezolant, dureros, jalnic
English - Russian - distressing Pronunciation
прил. огорчительный, огорчающий, терзающий, внушающий беспокойство
English - Turkish - distressing Pronunciation
s. üzücü, acıklı, ızdıraplı
English - Ukrainian - distressing Pronunciation
a. тривожний
English - Dutch - distressing Pronunciation
bn. pijn of verdriet veroorzakend
English - Greek - distressing Pronunciation
(Lex**) να στενοχωρήσει
English - Arabic - distressing Pronunciation
‏مؤلم، محزن، مقلق، فاجع، كئيب‏
English - Chinese - distressing Pronunciation
(形) 使人痛苦的; 令人烦恼的
English - Chinese - distressing Pronunciation
(形) 使人痛苦的; 令人煩惱的
English - Hindi - distressing Pronunciation
a. रंजीदा करनेवाला, दुःखित करनेवाला, परेशान, चिंतातुर, विक्षुब्ध
English - Japanese - distressing Pronunciation
(形) 苦悩を与える
(動) 苦しめる; 困窮させる
English - Korean - distressing Pronunciation
형. 괴로움을 주는, 괴롭게 하는
English - Vietnamese - distressing Pronunciation
a. sầu nảo, phiền muộn, đau buồn

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Synonyms for distressing
crucial: brisk, climacteric, fine, acute, incisive, fierce, pungent