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English English - Definition of distribute 
v. deliver to, allot, hand out; divide into stages or classes
Spanish English To Spanish - distribute 
v. distribuir, asignar, dividir, hacer repartición de, racionar, repartir; circular, dispensar, hacer circular
French English To French - distribute 
v. distribuer, répartir, disperser
German English To German - distribute 
v. aufteilen, verteilen, austeilen
Italian English To Italian - distribute 
v. distribuire, ripartire, dividere; spargere, spandere; classificare, ordinare; amministrare; (Tip) scomporre
Portuguese English To Portuguese - distribute 
v. distribuir, dividir
Russian English To Russian - distribute 
г. распределять, раздавать; равномерно разбрасывать; классифицировать; разобрать шрифт и разложить его по кассам; использовать термин в самом общем и широком смысле
Turkish English To Turkish - distribute 
f. dağıtmak, vermek, paylaştırmak, yaymak, saçmak; sürmek (boya)
Albanian English To Albanian - distribute 
v. hap, përndaj, kategorizoj, shpërndaj, klasifikoj, ndaj, grupoj, përhap (bojën), pjesëtoj
Dutch English To Dutch - distribute 
ww. verdelen, uitdelen, distribuëren, uitgeven
Greek English To Greek - distribute 
ρήμ. διανέμω, μοιράζω
ChineseS English To ChineseS - distribute 
(动) 分发; 散布; 分配
ChineseT English To ChineseT - distribute 
(動) 分發; 散佈; 分配
Japanese English To Japanese - distribute 
(動) 分配する; 分布させる; 散布する
Korean English To Korean - distribute 
동. 분배하다, 배분하다, 배부하다; 분류하다
verb: give out
verb: administer or bestow, as in small portions
verb: make available Example:The publisher wants to distribute the book in Asia.
verb: be mathematically distributive
verb: be distributed or spread, as in statistical analyses Example:Values distribute.
verb: spread throughout a given area Example:The function distributes the values evenly.
verb: distribute or disperse widely
verb: to arrange in a systematic order


 Synonyms for distribute
1. scatter: publish, disperse, sow, sprinkle, seed, spread
2. issue: give out, allot, share, disburse, parcel, hand out, apportion
3. arrange: part, group, portion, categorise, categorize, file, classify, dispose
Tenses for distribute
Present participle: distributing
Present: distribute (3.person: distributes)
Past: distributed
Future: will distribute
Present conditional: would distribute
Present Perfect: have distributed (3.person: has distributed)
Past Perfect: had distributed
Future Perfect: will have distributed
Past conditional: would have distributed

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