Definitions and translations for "distribute"

Definition of distribute

1. Be mathematically distributive.
2. Be distributed or spread, as in statistical analyses.
Values distribute.
3. Spread throughout a given area.
The function distributes the values evenly.
4. Make available.
The publisher wants to distribute the book in Asia.
5. Administer or bestow, as in small portions.
Administer critical remarks to everyone present.
Dole out some money.
Shell out pocket money for the children.
Deal a blow to someone.
The machine dispenses soft drinks.
6. Give to several people.
The teacher handed out the exams.
7. Cause be distributed.
This letter is being circulated among the faculty.
8. Distribute or disperse widely.
The invaders spread their language all over the country.
9. To arrange in a systematic order.
Stagger the chairs in the lecture hall.
10. Cause to become widely known.
Spread information.
Circulate a rumor.
Broadcast the news.
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English - English - distribute

v. deliver to, allot, hand out; divide into stages or classes

English - Spanish - distribute

v. distribuir, asignar, dividir, hacer repartición de, racionar, repartir; circular, dispensar, hacer circular

English - French - distribute

v. distribuer, répartir, disperser

English - German - distribute

v. aufteilen, verteilen, austeilen

English - Indonesian - distribute

v. membagi, membagikan, mendistribusi, mendistribusikan, mencatu, menyalurkan, menyebarkan, mengedarkan, memperedarkan

English - Italian - distribute

v. distribuire, ripartire, dividere; spargere, spandere; classificare, ordinare; amministrare; (Tip) scomporre

English - Polish - distribute

v. dzielić, kolportować, obdzielać, rozdać, rozdarować, rozdzielać, rozkładać, rozkolportować, rozlokować, rozmieścić, roznieść, rozprowadzać, rozrzucać, rozsiedlać, rozdawać, rozdzielić, rozłożyć, rozmieszczać

English - Portuguese - distribute

v. distribuir, dividir

English - Romanian - distribute

v. distribui, împărţi, repartiza, difuza, doza, împrăştia, răspândi, clasa, clasifica

English - Russian - distribute

г. распределять, раздавать; равномерно разбрасывать; классифицировать; разобрать шрифт и разложить его по кассам; использовать термин в самом общем и широком смысле

English - Turkish - distribute

f. dağıtmak, vermek, paylaştırmak, yaymak, saçmak; sürmek (boya)

English - Ukrainian - distribute

v. розподіляти, поширювати, класифікувати, вділити, вділяти, видівляти, обділяти, роздавати, розкладати, розповсюджувати

English - Dutch - distribute

ww. verdelen, uitdelen, distribuëren, uitgeven

English - Greek - distribute

ρήμ. διανέμω, μοιράζω

English - Arabic - distribute

‏وزع، فرق، نشر، نثر، صنف، بوب، قسم‏

English - Chinese - distribute

(动) 分发; 散布; 分配

English - Chinese - distribute

(動) 分發; 散佈; 分配

English - Hindi - distribute

v. बांटना, वितरित करना, विभाजित करना, फैलाना, अलग करना

English - Japanese - distribute

(動) 分配する; 分布させる; 散布する

English - Korean - distribute

동. 분배하다, 배분하다, 배부하다; 분류하다

English - Vietnamese - distribute

v. chia, phân phát, làm tung tán, phân hạng, phân loại

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Synonyms for distribute
1. scatter: publish, disperse, sow, sprinkle, seed, spread
2. issue: give out, allot, share, disburse, parcel, hand out, apportion
3. arrange: part, group, portion, categorise, categorize, file, classify, dispose
Verb forms for distribute
Present participle: distributing
Present: distribute (3.person: distributes)
Past: distributed
Future: will distribute
Present conditional: would distribute
Present Perfect: have distributed (3.person: has distributed)
Past Perfect: had distributed
Future Perfect: will have distributed
Past conditional: would have distributed