Definition of divide Pronunciation
1. To split or separate (something) into two or more parts.
A wall divides two houses; a stream divides the towns
2. To share (something) by dividing it.
How shall we divide this pie?
3. To calculate the number (the quotient) by which you must multiply one given number (the divisor) to produce a second given number (the dividend).
If you divide 6 by 3, you get 2.
4. To be a divisor of.
3 divides 6.
5. To separate into two or more parts.
6. Of a cell, to reproduce by dividing.
7. To disunite in opinion or interest; to make discordant or hostile; to set at variance.
8. To break friendship; to fall out.
9. To have a share; to partake.
10. To vote, as in the British Parliament, by the members separating themselves into two parties (as on opposite sides of the hall or in opposite lobbies), that is, the ayes dividing from the noes.
11. To mark divisions on; to graduate.
To divide a sextant
12. To play or sing in a florid style, or with variations.
13. A thing that divides.
Stay on your side of the divide, please.
14. An act of dividing.
The divide left most of the good land on my share of the property.
15. A distancing between two people or things.
There is a great divide between us.
16. A large chasm, gorge, or ravine between two areas of land.
If you're heading to the coast, you'll have to cross the divide first.
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English - English - divide Pronunciation
n. dividing ridge between drainage areas, watershed; line of division
v. separate into parts; apportion; part; separate; share
v. divide, split, partition, part, break up, separate; share; slice, cut, rive; spread
English - Spanish - divide Pronunciation
s. vertiente; línea divisoria de las aguas
v. dividir, desagrupar, desjuntar, desunir, dimidiar, partir, partir por la mitad, seccionar, separar; distribuir, segregar
Spanish - English - divide Pronunciation
[dividir] v. divide, separate into parts; apportion; part; separate; share; excrete
English - French - divide Pronunciation
n. ligne de partage des eaux
v. diviser; séparer; répartir: se séparer
English - German - divide Pronunciation
n. Wasserscheide
v. dividieren; teilen
English - Italian - divide Pronunciation
s. (Geog) spartiacque, linea di displuvio
v. dividere, spartire; ripartire, distribuire; separare; disunire; suddividere; (tecn) dividere in gradi, graduare
English - Portuguese - divide Pronunciation
s. divisor de águas
v. dividir; repartir; separar
English - Russian - divide Pronunciation
с. водораздел, граница, раздел, дележ, разделение
г. делить, разделять, разъединять; делиться, разъединяться; делиться без остатка; подразделять, отделяться, распределять; вызывать разногласия; градуировать; дробить, разбивать; наносить деления
English - Turkish - divide Pronunciation
f. bölmek, ayırmak, taksim etmek, bölüştürmek, ikiye ayırmak, ayrılmak, bölünmek; paylaşmak; sınıflandırmak; bozuşmak, araları açık olmak
i. yaşam ile ölüm arasındaki çizgi; yağmur sularını ayıran dağ sırası
English - Dutch - divide Pronunciation
zn. waterscheiding
ww. (zich) verdelen; stemmen
English - Greek - divide Pronunciation
ουσ. χώρισμα
ρήμ. μοιράζω, χωρίζω, διανέμω, διαιρώ, διχάζω
English - Chinese - divide Pronunciation
(名) 分歧, 不和; 分水岭
(动) 分, 划分; 分享; 分发; 分配; 分开; 意见分歧; 分裂
English - Chinese - divide Pronunciation
(名) 分歧, 不和; 分水嶺
(動) 分, 劃分; 分享; 分發; 分配; 分開; 意見分歧; 分裂
English - Japanese - divide Pronunciation
(動) 分かつ; 分ける; 分離する; 分類する; 分配する; 仲を裂く
(名) 分界; 境界線; 分割点; 分配; 割り算
English - Korean - divide Pronunciation
명. 분할, 분계
동. 나누다; 분배하다; 분리하다; 가르다

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Synonyms for divide
1. distribute: parcel, apportion, deal, wall, deal out, dole, partition
2. separate: rend, cleave, disconnect, tear, cut off, disjoin, part
3. alienate: disunite, estrange
4. arrange: articulate, partition, classify, distinguish, distribute, sort
Verb forms for divide
Present participle: dividing
Present: divide (3.person: divides)
Past: divided
Future: will divide
Present conditional: would divide
Present Perfect: have divided (3.person: has divided)
Past Perfect: had divided
Future Perfect: will have divided
Past conditional: would have divided