Definition of document Pronunciation
1. An original or official paper relied upon as the basis, proof, or support of anything else, including any writing, book, or other instrument conveying information pertinent to such proof or support. Any material substance on which the thoughts of men are represented by any species of conventional mark or symbol.
2. That which is taught or authoritatively set forth; precept; instruction; dogma.
3. An example for instruction or warning.
4. To record in documents.
He documented each step of the process as he did it, which was good when the investigation occurred.
5. To furnish with documents or papers necessary to establish facts or give information.
A ship should be documented according to the directions of law.
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English - English - document Pronunciation
n. certificate, paper which provides information or evidence; deed, written file; data file containing the product of a user's work (Computers)
v. record for evidence, provide with documentary evidence, substantiate
n. document, file, data file containing the product of a user's work (Computers); script, bill; record, paper; deed, proxy
English - Spanish - document Pronunciation
s. documento, cédula; (inform.) documento, documentación: fichero de datos que contiene directivas o explicaciones para el usuario
v. documentar, instruir; ilustrar
English - French - document Pronunciation
n. document; document, fichier de données comprenant le résultat du travail de l'utilisateur (informatique)
v. documenter
English - German - document Pronunciation
n. Dokument, Urkunde; (Comput) Datei die die Ergebnisse einer Benutzerarbeit beinhaltet
v. dokumentieren, erfassen
English - Indonesian - document Pronunciation
n. dokumen, akte, surat, naskah, surat perjalanan
v. membuktikan kebenaran
English - Italian - document Pronunciation
s. documento (inform.); documento, file di dati contenente i risultati del lavoro dell'operatore
v. documentare; (Mar) provvedere dei documenti, provvedere delle carte di bordo
English - Polish - document Pronunciation
n. dokument, akcja, akt, dowód
v. dokumentować
English - Portuguese - document Pronunciation
s. diploma; documento (também em informática), arquivo de dados que contém resultados de trabalho do usuário
v. documentar; instruir
English - Romanian - document Pronunciation
n. document, act, dovadă
v. documenta, baza pe documente, furniza documente
English - Russian - document Pronunciation
с. документ, свидетельство, текст; информационный файл содержащий результат работы пользователя [комп.]
г. снабжать документами, документировать, подтверждать документами
English - Turkish - document Pronunciation
f. belgelemek, kanıtlamak, belgelere dayandırmak, dipnotlar koymak, döküman sağlamak
i. döküman, belge, evrak, delil
English - Ukrainian - document Pronunciation
n. документ, доказ
v. забезпечувати, документувати
French - English - document Pronunciation
(m) n. document, file, data file containing the product of a user's work (Computers); script, bill; record, paper; deed, proxy
Romanian - English - document
n. document, deed, paper, act, writ, title, muniment, file, charter, indenture, bill, record
Dutch - English - document Pronunciation
n. document, paper; deed, certificate
English - Dutch - document Pronunciation
zn. dokument (ook in computers); diploma; (in computers) dokument; een bestand dat de resultaten van het werk van de gebruiker bevat
ww. documenteren
English - Greek - document Pronunciation
ουσ. έγγραφο, ντοκουμέντο
ρήμ. τεκμηριώνω
French - Spanish - document Pronunciation
(général) documento (m)
French - German - document Pronunciation
n. akte, quelle, dokumentaraufnahme, urkunde, akt, beleg, dokument, schriftstück, unterlage: unterlagen
French - Italian - document Pronunciation
(général) documento (m)
French - Portuguese - document Pronunciation
(général) documento (m)
French - Russian - document Pronunciation
n. документ (m), свидетельство (m), источник (m)
French - Turkish - document Pronunciation
[le] belge
Dutch - French - document Pronunciation
(algemeen) document (m)
French - Dutch - document Pronunciation
(général) document (n)
English - Arabic - document Pronunciation
‏وثيقة، حجة‏
‏وثق، دعم بالوثائق‏
English - Chinese - document Pronunciation
(名) 文件, 公文; 证书, 提供信息和证明的文件; 契约, 书写文件; 包含使用者工作产品的数据文件 (计算机用语)
(动) 证明, 为...引证
English - Chinese - document Pronunciation
(名) 文件, 公文
(動) 證明, 為...引證
English - Hindi - document Pronunciation
n. दस्तावेज़, काग़ज़, लेख्य, लेख, आलेख, संलेख, लिखित प्रमाण, पत्र, पत्री, सनद, दलील
v. दस्तावेज़ करना, काग़ज़ करना
English - Japanese - document Pronunciation
(動) 証拠を記録する, 文書で立証する
(名) 文書, 書類; 証書; (コンピュータ)文書, ドキュメント
English - Korean - document Pronunciation
명. 문서
동. 증거서류를 제공하다, 증거서류를 첨부하다, 상세히 기록하다
English - Vietnamese - document Pronunciation
n. giấy má, văn thư, tài liệu, bằng chứng
v. kiếm tài liệu, dẩn chứng

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Synonyms for document
license: permit, certificate, warrant, grant
Verb forms for document
Present participle: documenting
Present: document (3.person: documents)
Past: documented
Future: will document
Present conditional: would document
Present Perfect: have documented (3.person: has documented)
Past Perfect: had documented
Future Perfect: will have documented
Past conditional: would have documented