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English English - Definition of document 
n. certificate, paper which provides information or evidence; deed, written file; data file containing the product of a user's work (Computers)
v. record for evidence, provide with documentary evidence, substantiate
n. document, file, data file containing the product of a user's work (Computers); script, bill; record, paper; deed, proxy
Spanish English To Spanish - document 
s. documento, cédula; (inform.) documento, documentación: fichero de datos que contiene directivas o explicaciones para el usuario
v. documentar, instruir; ilustrar
French English To French - document 
n. document; document, fichier de données comprenant le résultat du travail de l'utilisateur (informatique)
v. documenter
German English To German - document 
n. Dokument, Urkunde; (Comput) Datei die die Ergebnisse einer Benutzerarbeit beinhaltet
v. dokumentieren, erfassen
Italian English To Italian - document 
s. documento (inform.); documento, file di dati contenente i risultati del lavoro dell'operatore
v. documentare; (Mar) provvedere dei documenti, provvedere delle carte di bordo
Portuguese English To Portuguese - document 
s. diploma; documento (também em informática), arquivo de dados que contém resultados de trabalho do usuário
v. documentar; instruir
Russian English To Russian - document 
с. документ, свидетельство, текст; информационный файл содержащий результат работы пользователя [комп.]
г. снабжать документами, документировать, подтверждать документами
Turkish English To Turkish - document 
f. belgelemek, kanıtlamak, belgelere dayandırmak, dipnotlar koymak, döküman sağlamak
i. döküman, belge, evrak, delil
English French To English - document 
(m) n. document, file, data file containing the product of a user's work (Computers); script, bill; record, paper; deed, proxy
English Dutch To English - document 
n. document, paper; deed, certificate
Albanian English To Albanian - document 
n. akt, dokument, dëshmi
v. dokumentoj, pajis me dokumente, demonstroj, provoj me dokumente, ilustroj, vërtetoj, konkretizoj, pajis me referenca, pajis me burime (një shkrim)
Dutch English To Dutch - document 
zn. dokument (ook in computers); diploma; (in computers) dokument; een bestand dat de resultaten van het werk van de gebruiker bevat
ww. documenteren
Greek English To Greek - document 
ουσ. έγγραφο, ντοκουμέντο
ρήμ. τεκμηριώνω
French Dutch To French - document 
(algemeen) document (m)
Dutch French To Dutch - document 
(général) document (n)
ChineseS English To ChineseS - document 
(名) 文件, 公文; 证书, 提供信息和证明的文件; 契约, 书写文件; 包含使用者工作产品的数据文件 (计算机用语)
(动) 证明, 为...引证
ChineseT English To ChineseT - document 
(名) 文件, 公文
(動) 證明, 為...引證
Japanese English To Japanese - document 
(動) 証拠を記録する, 文書で立証する
(名) 文書, 書類; 証書; (コンピュータ)文書, ドキュメント
Korean English To Korean - document 
명. 문서
동. 증거서류를 제공하다, 증거서류를 첨부하다, 상세히 기록하다
German French To German - document 
n. akte, quelle, dokumentaraufnahme, urkunde, akt, beleg, dokument, schriftstück, unterlage: unterlagen
Italian French To Italian - document 
(général) documento (m)
Portuguese French To Portuguese - document 
(général) documento (m)
Russian French To Russian - document 
n. документ (m), свидетельство (m), источник (m)
Spanish French To Spanish - document 
(général) documento (m)
Turkish French To Turkish - document 
[le] belge
noun: anything serving as a representation of a person's thinking by means of symbolic marks
noun: writing that provides information (especially information of an official nature)
noun: a written account of ownership or obligation
noun: (computer science) a computer file that contains text (and possibly formatting instructions) using 7-bit ASCII characters
verb: support or supply with references Example:Can you document your claims?.


 Synonyms for document
license: permit, certificate, warrant, grant
Tenses for document
Present participle: documenting
Present: document (3.person: documents)
Past: documented
Future: will document
Present conditional: would document
Present Perfect: have documented (3.person: has documented)
Past Perfect: had documented
Future Perfect: will have documented
Past conditional: would have documented

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