Definition of documental Pronunciation
1. Of or relating to instruction.
2. Of or relating to written evidence; documentary.
Documental testimony
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English - English - documental Pronunciation
adj. pertaining to or consisting of documents
adj. documentary
n. documentary
English - Spanish - documental Pronunciation
adj. documental
Spanish - English - documental Pronunciation
adj. documentary
English - French - documental Pronunciation
adj. documentaire
English - German - documental Pronunciation
adj. dokumentarisch
English - Italian - documental Pronunciation
agg. documentario
English - Portuguese - documental Pronunciation
adj. documental
English - Russian - documental Pronunciation
прил. документальный
English - Turkish - documental Pronunciation
s. belgesel, dokümanter.
Portuguese - English - documental Pronunciation
adj. documentary, based on actual events or factual information
English - Dutch - documental Pronunciation
bn. documentaire
bn. documentair
English - Greek - documental Pronunciation
Επίθ. τεκμηριωμένος, που βασίζεται σε έγγραφα
Spanish - French - documental Pronunciation
1. (general) documentaire
2. (televisión) documentaire (m)
Spanish - German - documental Pronunciation
n. dokumentarfilm, kulturfilm
a. urkundlich, dokumentarisch
English - Chinese - documental Pronunciation
(形) 文件的; 记录的, 证件的文件的; 记录的; 证件的
English - Chinese - documental Pronunciation
(形) 文件的; 記錄的, 證件的文件的; 記錄的; 證件的
English - Japanese - documental Pronunciation
(形) 書類の
English - Korean - documental Pronunciation
형. 서류의

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