Definition of doorknob Pronunciation
1. A circular device attached to a door, the rotation of which permits the unlatching of the door.
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English - English - doorknob Pronunciation
n. handle by which a door is opened
English - Spanish - doorknob Pronunciation
s. pomo de la puerta, perilla
English - French - doorknob Pronunciation
n. poignée ronde de porte
English - German - doorknob Pronunciation
n. Türgriff
English - Italian - doorknob Pronunciation
s. maniglia di porta
English - Portuguese - doorknob Pronunciation
s. maçaneta da porta, puxador da porta
English - Turkish - doorknob Pronunciation
i. kapı kolu, kapı tokmağı
English - Dutch - doorknob Pronunciation
zn. deurknop
English - Chinese - doorknob Pronunciation
(名) 门把
English - Chinese - doorknob Pronunciation
(名) 門把
English - Japanese - doorknob Pronunciation
(名) ドアの取っ手, ノブ
English - Korean - doorknob Pronunciation
명. 문이 열리게 하는 버튼

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Synonyms for doorknob
handgrip: handhold, crank, holder, hilt, knob, handle