Definition of drawback Pronunciation
1. A disadvantage; something that detracts or takes away.
Poor fuel economy is a common drawback among larger vehicles.
2. A partial refund of an import fee, as when goods are re-exported from the country that collected the fee.
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English - English - drawback Pronunciation
n. disadvantage; difficulty; restitution; refund of tax on merchandise that is exported later on
n. drawback, restitution
n. drawback, disadvantage; difficulty; restitution
English - Spanish - drawback Pronunciation
s. inconveniente, altibajo, desventaja, revés; reintegro
English - French - drawback Pronunciation
n. inconvénient, désavantage; restitution, remboursement; rembours, remboursement des droits de taxe (régime duoanier)
English - German - drawback Pronunciation
n. Nachteil; Erschwernis; Rückerstattung
English - Italian - drawback Pronunciation
s. svantaggio, lato negativo, difetto, inconveniente; (Comm) rimborso, indennizzo; drawback, dazio doganale di ritorno
English - Portuguese - drawback Pronunciation
s. defeito, desvantagem; devolução de imposto sobre um produto importado que será exportado dentro de um tempo curto ou que será utilizado na produção de um produto de exportação
English - Russian - drawback Pronunciation
с. недостаток, отрицательная сторона, препятствие, помеха, уступка, возвраты пошлин
English - Turkish - drawback Pronunciation
i. engel; sakınca; vergi iadesi, ihraç primi
French - English - drawback Pronunciation
(m) n. drawback, restitution
Italian - English - drawback Pronunciation
n. drawback, disadvantage; difficulty; restitution
English - Dutch - drawback Pronunciation
zn. nadeel; moeilijkheid; terugwerking
English - Greek - drawback Pronunciation
ουσ. μειονέκτημα
English - Chinese - drawback Pronunciation
(名) 不利点, 退税
English - Chinese - drawback Pronunciation
(名) 不利點, 退稅
English - Japanese - drawback Pronunciation
(名) 欠点; 障害; 控除; 払い戻し
English - Korean - drawback Pronunciation
명. 약점; 어려움, 장애; 공제, 환불금

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Synonyms for drawback
trick: rub, hitch, deception, hooker, catch, trap, puzzle, disadvantage