Definition of dreadful Pronunciation
1. Full of dread, whether
1. Scared, afraid, frightened.
2. Timid, easily frightened.
3. Reverential, full of pious awe.
2. Full of something causing dread, whether
4. Genuinely horrific, awful, or alarming; dangerous, risky.
5. Hyperbolic Unpleasant, awful, very bad (also used as an intensifier).
6. Obsolete Awesome, awe-inspiring, causing feelings of reverence.
3. A shocker: a report of a crime written in a provokingly lurid style.
4. A journal or broadsheet printing such reports.
5. A shocking or sensational crime.fact
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English - English - dreadful Pronunciation
adj. terrible, horrible, inspiring fear and dread; inspiring awe and great respect, awful
English - Spanish - dreadful Pronunciation
adj. horrible, atroz, despeluznante, espantoso, horrendo, hórrido, horripilante, horrísono, horroroso, pavoroso, temible, terrible, tremebundo, tremendo
English - French - dreadful Pronunciation
adj. terrible, redoutable
English - German - dreadful Pronunciation
adj. schrecklich, furchtbar
English - Italian - dreadful Pronunciation
agg. tremendo, spaventoso, terribile; maestoso, solenne, augusto; (fam) orribile, orrendo, pessimo
English - Portuguese - dreadful Pronunciation
adj. terrível, temeroso
English - Russian - dreadful Pronunciation
прил. ужасный, отвратительный, страшный, очень плохой
English - Turkish - dreadful Pronunciation
s. berbat, iğrenç, kötü, korkunç, tüyler ürpertici; heybetli
English - Dutch - dreadful Pronunciation
bn. vreselijk, verschrikkelijk
English - Greek - dreadful Pronunciation
επίθ. επίφοβος, φοβερός, απαίσιος
English - Chinese - dreadful Pronunciation
(形) 可怕的
English - Chinese - dreadful Pronunciation
(形) 可怕的
English - Japanese - dreadful Pronunciation
(形) 恐ろしい; 不快な; つまらない
English - Korean - dreadful Pronunciation
형. 무서운, 두려운; 황공한, 경외스러운

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Synonyms for dreadful
grim: dire, appalling, frightful, ghastly, grisly, gruesome, hideous