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English English - Definition of ebonite 
n. vulcanite, hard black material (mix of rubber and sulfur)
n. ebonite, vulcanite, hard black material (mix of rubber and sulfur); hard and inelastic rubber made by the vulcanizing of natural rubber with sulfur
n. ebonite, vulcanite
Spanish English To Spanish - ebonite 
s. ebonita, caucho endurecido
French English To French - ebonite 
n. ébonite, caoutchouc durci (matière plastique)
German English To German - ebonite 
n. Ebonit (Hartgummi aus Naturkautschuk)
Italian English To Italian - ebonite 
s. (Ind) ebanite
Portuguese English To Portuguese - ebonite 
s. ebonite, vulcanite, substância obtida pela vulcanização de borracha com excesso de enxofre
Russian English To Russian - ebonite 
с. эбонит, роговой каучук
Turkish English To Turkish - ebonite 
i. ebonit, siyah sert kauçuk
English Portuguese To English - ebonite 
n. ebonite, vulcanite
Albanian English To Albanian - ebonite 
n. ebanit
Dutch English To Dutch - ebonite 
zn. eboniet (plastic spul)
Greek English To Greek - ebonite 
ουσ. εβονίτης
ChineseS English To ChineseS - ebonite 
(名) 硬化橡皮; 硬橡胶
ChineseT English To ChineseT - ebonite 
(名) 硬化橡皮; 硬橡膠
Japanese English To Japanese - ebonite 
(名) 硬質ゴム
Korean English To Korean - ebonite 
명. 에보나이트
French Portuguese To French - ebonite 
(sintéticos) ébonite (f); vulcanite (f)
noun: a hard nonresilient rubber formed by vulcanizing natural rubber


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